The Perry Sisters: Making Gospel Music History

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The Perry Sisters: Making Gospel Music History is a blog dedicated to the history and music of the Perry Sisters.


The Perry Sisters were an American gospel music trio from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Originating in the 1940s, the trio was composed of sisters Ruth, Mildred, and Carrie Perry. They were one of the first gospel groups to achieve widespread popularity, and their recordings helped to shape the sound of gospel music for decades.

The Perry Sisters began singing together as children in their parents’ church. They first gained attention in the early 1940s when they began performing at local clubs and churches. In 1944, they made their first recordings for the small Savoy label. These recordings failed to sell well, but they attracted the attention of composer and producer Thomas A. Dorsey, who invited the sisters to join his touring company.

Over the next few years, the Perry Sisters became one of the most popular gospel groups in America. They toured extensively with Dorsey’s company and recorded for several different labels, including Gospel Records, Specialty Records, and Excelsior Records. In 1948, they scored their biggest hit with “There’ll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, which reached number one on Billboard’s gospel chart.

The Perry Sisters continued to record and tour together until Carrie’s death in 1963. Mildred and Ruth continued to perform as a duo until Mildred’s death in 1996. Today, the Perry Sisters are considered pioneers of gospel music, and their recordings remain highly influential.

The Perry Sisters: A Gospel Music Legacy

The Perry Sisters were an African American gospel music group who rose to prominence in the 1940s. They were the first all-female gospel group to achieve mainstream success and were a major force in the development of the genre. The Perry Sisters were known for their soulful singing and dynamic stage presence, and they had a major impact on the course of gospel music.

The Perry Sisters: Early Years

The Perry Sisters were born into a family of nine children in Gary, Indiana. Their father, Hardy Perry, was a steelworker and their mother, Lillian Perry, was a homemaker. The family was very poor, but they were rich in love and faith. Gospel music was an important part of their lives, and all of the children learned to sing and play instruments.

The sisters began performing together when they were just children. At first, they would sing for their church and at local events. As they got older, they began performing on television and radio. In the early 1970s, they released their first album. It was called “Songs Our Daddy Taught Us” and it featured traditional gospel songs.

The Perry Sisters became famous for their harmony-filled gospel music. They toured all over the United States and even performed overseas. In 1984, they won a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Performance for their album “Hymns We Love”. They continued to make music until 2001 when health problems forced them to retire from singing.

The Perry Sisters are widely considered to be pioneers in gospel music history. They paved the way for other female gospel groups and inspired many young women to pursue careers in music.

The Perry Sisters: Mainstream Success

The Perry Sisters were a gospel music group that rose to prominence in the 1940s and 1950s. The group was made up of sisters Dorothy, Clara, and Mattie Perry. They were one of the first gospel groups to achieve mainstream success, and they were known for their innovative style and harmonies.

The Perry Sisters began singing together as children in their hometown of Dallas, Texas. They started out performing at local churches and community events. In the early 1940s, they caught the attention of Mahalia Jackson, who helped them get their start in the gospel music industry.

The Perry Sisters recorded their first album in 1944. It was a collection of traditional gospel songs sung in the group’s signature harmony style. The album was a hit with both gospel music fans and mainstream audiences. It helped to launch the Perry Sisters’ career and established them as one of the leading forces in gospel music.

The Perry Sisters continued to record and perform throughout the 1940s and 1950s. They toured extensively, appearing at churches, concert halls, and nightclubs across the country. They also made several television appearances, including on The Ed Sullivan Show. In 1951, they became the first gospel group to perform at Carnegie Hall.

The Perry Sisters’ success paved the way for other black Gospel groups to achieve mainstream success. The group remained active until Mattie Perry’s retirement in 1957. Dorothy and Clara continued to perform as a duo until Dorothy’s death in 2002. Today, the legacy of the Perry Sisters continues to influence Gospel music performers around the world

The Perry Sisters: Gospel Music Hall of Fame

The Perry Sisters, a gospel music vocal group consisting of sisters Ann, Jean, and Lilly Perry, were one of the most popular and influential gospel music groups of the 20th century. The trio was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2001.

The Perry Sisters began performing together in the early 1940s. They first gained national attention with their performance of “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me” on the radio show “Grand Ole Opry” in 1944. The group went on to release more than two dozen albums and singles, many of which topped the gospel music charts.

The Perry Sisters’ harmonies and stage presence were unmatched in the gospel music world. They influenced generations of gospel singers and helped to shape the sound of gospel music for years to come.

The Perry Sisters: Music and Ministry

The Perry Sisters, Vicki, Donna, and Trecie, are making gospel music history. The trio from Alabama has been ministering together for over two decades and their music has impacted people around the world. The Perry Sisters have a passion for spreading the gospel through music and they use their God-given talents to minister to others.

The Perry Sisters: Music

The Perry Sisters began their musical journey in the early 1970’s. The group was started by Ruth Perry, who was the lead singer, and her two sisters, Debbie and Lisa. The Perry Sisters grew up in a musical family, and they were able to use their talents to minister to others through their music.

The Perry Sisters first gained recognition for their song “Oh How I Love Jesus”, which was featured on a compilation album of gospel music. The song became a hit, and it helped to give the group a platform to reach more people with their music. The Perry Sisters continued to record music, and they released several albums throughout their career.

The group was known for their urban contemporary style of gospel music, and they were able to reach a wide audience with their music. In addition to their musical talents, the Perry Sisters were also known for their ministry work. They were involved in numerous outreach programs, and they worked with various Christian organizations.

The Perry Sisters made history as one of the first African-American gospel groups to be featured on national television. They appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson in 1978, and they continued to make appearances on various television shows throughout their career. The group disbanded in 2006, but their legacy continues to live on through their music.

The Perry Sisters: Ministry

The Perry Sisters, who were born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are music ministers who have been touring and recording together since the early 1970s. Debbie, Joyce and Joni Perry comprise the trio, and they are known for their close harmony style of singing. The Perry Sisters have released more than two dozen albums over the years, and they continue to tour throughout the United States.


The Perry Sisters were a gospel music group that made history in the genre. They were the first African American women to record and release a gospel album, and the first to tour nationally. The group was influential inspread gospel music to a wider audience, and their work paved the way for future generations of female gospel artists.

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