The Real Folk Blues Alto Sax Sheet Music

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About the Song

“The Real Folk Blues” is a song recorded by Muddy Waters in 1956. It was written by Chester Burnett (a.k.a. Howlin’ Wolf) and Bobby Charles, and produced by Chess Records. The song is a slow blues with a front-porch feel. The lyrics talk about the singer’s longing for the country life and his memories of the blues.


The Real Folk Blues is a song written by Chester Burnett, better known as “Howlin’ Wolf”. It was first recorded by Burnett in 1956 and released as a single on Chicago’s Chess Records. The song became one of Burnett’s most popular and was later recorded by several other artists, including Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, James Cotton, Junior Wells, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

The Real Folk Blues was one of the first electric blues songs to become a crossover hit, reaching number nine on Billboard’s R&B chart in early 1957. It helped to establish Howlin’ Wolf as a major figure in the electric blues scene and influenced other artists to pursue a similar sound.


The song is about living the blues, as the narrator has “done it all” and isn’t looking for any “handouts”. He’s been cheated, lied to, and used, but he’s still standing. The narrator declares that he’s going to keep playing the blues until he dies.

The Sheet Music

“The Real Folk Blues” is a popular song written by Chester Burnett, better known as Howlin’ Wolf. The song was first recorded by Wolf in 1965 and was released as a single. It has been covered by many artists since then, including The Blues Brothers, who recorded it for their 1980 album, Made in America. The sheet music for “The Real Folk Blues” is available for purchase online.

Where to Find

There are many places that you can find the sheet music for The Real Folk Blues. You can find it online, in stores, or even in libraries. If you are looking for a specific version of the song, you may want to check out the websites of music publishers. Many of them have a section where you can download sheet music for a variety of songs, including The Real Folk Blues.


The Real Folk Blues is a 1966 album by American blues musician Muddy Waters. It is a collection of his singles recorded for Chess Records between 1947 and 1955. The album was compiled by Chess Records producer Lemuel Brooks, better known as “Bunky, who began working with Waters in the early 1960s and helped him regain commercial success.

The Real Folk Blues is considered one of the most significant albums in the history of Chess Records, as it helped to reintroduce the work of one of the label’s most important artists to a new generation of listeners. In 2012, the album was ranked number 363 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

The album features some of Waters’ best-known songs, including “I Can’t Be Satisfied” and “I Feel Like Going Home.” The title track was written by regular Waters collaborator Dallas Frazier and was originally recorded by country music singer Sonny James in 1965.

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