The Weeknd’s “Loft Music” – An Instrumental Analysis

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Looking to analyze The Weeknd’s “Loft Music” from a musical standpoint? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the song’s instrumentation and see what makes it tick!


The Weeknd’s “Loft Music” is a song that has been widely praised for its innovative and catchy production. In this analysis, I will be breaking down the instrumental elements of the song in order to better understand how it was created.

The song opens with a simple piano melody which is then joined by a thumping bassline and drumbeat. The piano melody is repeated throughout the verses, while the chorus features a more complex arrangement with additional synthesizer and vocal samples.

One of the most interesting aspects of the song is its use of reverb and delay effects, which give it a spacious and atmospheric sound. The track also makes use of some unique sound design elements, such as reverse cymbals and mutated vocal samples.

Overall, “Loft Music” is a highly effective example of modern pop production, utilizing a variety of techniques to create an unforgettable track.

“Loft Music”

On The Weeknd’s “Loft Music”, the production is based around a sample of Boards of Canada’s “Cemetery”. The track is lush, with a host of different elements working in tandem to create a unique soundscape. The Weeknd’s voice is effect-laden, and he employs a variety of different vocal techniques throughout the song.

The Weeknd’s Use of Sampling

The Weeknd’s “Loft Music” heavily samples Beach House’s “Space Song”. The original song is an ethereal, slow-paced track that sets a dreamy and romantic mood. The Weeknd builds upon this mood, layering his own vocals over the top of the sampled instrumental. The result is a haunting and atmospheric love song.

While “Loft Music” is not the first song to sample “Space Song”, it is arguably the most successful. The Weeknd’s use of sampling creates a unique and unforgettable listening experience.

The Weeknd’s Use of Auto-Tune

The Weeknd’s use of Auto-Tune is a key element in the sound of his music. Auto-Tune is a software program that allows singers to correct pitch problems in their vocal performances. The Weeknd uses Auto-Tune to create a distinctive, otherworldly sound in his voice.

The Weeknd has said that he uses Auto-Tune to create an “emotionless” sound in his voice. This emotional detachment is central to the atmosphere of his music, which often deals with themes of excess and addiction. The detached, robotic quality of his vocals contributes to the feeling of estrangement and isolation in his songs.

While some critics have accused The Weeknd of using Auto-Tune as a crutch, it is clear that he is using the software deliberately and skillfully to create a unique and evocative musical style.

The Weeknd’s Use of Space

The Weeknd’s “Loft Music” is a hauntingly beautiful song that uses space in a very unique way. The song is written in a minor key, and the chords are mostly cluster chords, which are chords that are close together in pitch. The song starts with a single chord, and then the next chord is played an octave higher. This creates a very eerie, suspenseful sound. The next two chords are played in a similar fashion, but with the second chord being played a fifth higher than the first. This creates even more tension and suspense. After these four chords are played, the fifth chord is finally played in its correct position. This creates relief and release from the tension that was building up.

The rest of the song follows this pattern of building tension and then releasing it. The use of space in this song is what makes it so unique and beautiful. By using chords that are close together in pitch, The Weeknd creates a feeling of suspense and tension that is released when the correct chord is finally played. This use of space gives the song its emotive power and makes it truly unforgettable.


In conclusion, the instrumentation of “Loft Music” by The Weeknd is sparse and intentional, using only a few elements to create a atmospheric and emotive soundscape. The track utilizes a wide range of frequencies, from the low rumble of the bass to the piercing highs of the synths, giving it a broad sonic palette. This combined with the use of stereo effects creates a sense of space and depth in the mix. The result is a track that is both sonically pleasing and emotionally evocative.

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