The Times Five Series: A Classical Music Hit

The Times Five Series is a classical music hit that has been entertaining audiences for over two decades. Featuring some of the world’s most talented musicians, this series is a must-see for any music lover.


The Times Five Series is a set of five classical music concerts created by the London Symphony Orchestra. The series was an instant hit with audiences, and has been produced annually since its inception in 1984.

The Times Five Series features some of the most popular classical pieces ever composed, as well as lesser-known works by established and emerging composers. The series provides an opportunity for music lovers of all ages to enjoy world-class performances of both familiar and new classical music.

The Five Series

The Five Series is a collection of five classical music hits by The Times. The songs are “Für Elise,” ” Moonlight Sonata,” “Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp Minor,” “Rondo alla turca,” and “Symphony No. 5 in C Minor.”

The First Series- The Five Browns

The first series in The Times Five was a hit with classical music fans, and it featured the Five Browns. The group was made up of five sisters who were all classically trained pianists. They gained notoriety for their virtuoso playing and their ability to play complex pieces with ease. The series followed the sisters as they toured the world, performed at prestigious venues, and made television appearances.

The Second Series- The Five Irish Tenors

The Second Series of The Times Five, features The Five Irish Tenors. This highly acclaimed Celtic music ensemble has been thrilling audiences worldwide with their stirring renditions of traditional Irish ballads and patriotic songs.

The Five Irish Tenors is comprised of five of Ireland’s most celebrated vocalists: Anthony Kearns, Ronan Tynan, Finbar Wright, John McDermott, and Paul Byrom. These classically trained singers have been thrilling audiences around the world with their stirring renditions of traditional Irish ballads and patriotic songs.

The group has released several critically acclaimed albums, including their self-titled debut album, which reached the top ten on Billboard’s World Music chart, and their second album, Emerald Isle, which debuted at number one on Billboard’s World Music chart. The group has also appeared on PBS specials and concert tours throughout the United States and Canada.

The Five Irish Tenors will be performing at the Redmond Performing Arts Center on March 15th. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

The Third Series- The Five Blind Boys of Alabama

The Five Blind Boys of Alabama are an American gospel group who first sang together in the 1930’s. The group has been playing together for over 80 years and has won five Grammy Awards. The current members of the group are: Clarence Fountain, Ben Moore, Ricky McKinnie, Joey Williams, and Bobby Butler.

The Five Blind Boys of Alabama got their start singing in the streets of Talladega, Alabama. They were all born with blindness or severe visual impairments. The group’s first big break came in 1944 when they were invited to sing at a radio station in Birmingham, Alabama. From there, they went on to tour the country and perform with some of the biggest names in gospel music, including Mahalia Jackson and Clara Ward.

The group’s sound is a unique mix of electric blues, soul, and traditional gospel music. Their style has influenced many other musicians, including Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. The Five Blind Boys of Alabama are considered to be one of the most important gospel groups of all time.

The Fourth Series- The Five Heartbeats

The Five Heartbeats is a 1991 comedy-drama film directed by and starring Robert Townsend. The film’s ensemble cast includes Michael Wright, Harry Lennix, Tico Wells, Harold Nicholas of The Nicholas Brothers, Leon Robinson, Jimmy Woodard, and Bokeem Woodbine.

The story is loosely based on the rise and fall of the 1960s soul group The Dells. The film follows the fictional group The Five Heartbeats from their beginning as a high school doo-wop band in the early 1960s through to their end as a band two decades later. Along the way, they must deal with the temptations of sex, drugs and fame while struggling to keep their friendships and musical ambitions intact.

The Five Heartbeats received mixed reviews from critics but was a box office success, grossing $13 million against a budget of $8 million.

The Fifth Series- The Five Stairsteps

The Fifth Series was a classical music album by The Five Stairsteps, released in 1967. It was their only album to chart on the Billboard 200, peaking at #97. The album featured the hit single “O-o-h Child”, which peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.


It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of The Times Five Series. This program not only helped to increase the popularity of classical music, but also gave performers a new level of recognition. The series helped to bring classical music to a wider audience and demonstrated that it could be entertaining as well as educational.

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