Traci Lords in Heavy Metal Music Video: A Must-See

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This early-’80s music video featuring Traci Lords is a must-see for any fan of heavy metal. Lords, who was only 16 at the time, completely steals the show with her wild dance moves and wilder outfit.


Traci Lords was born and raised in Ohio, USA. In the mid 1980s, at the age of 18, she moved to Los Angeles where she began her career in the adult entertainment industry. By 1986, she had appeared in dozens of films and was one of the most popular actresses in the business. In late 1986, it was revealed that Lords had lied about her age and was actually only 15 years old at the time she started performing in porn. This revelation caused a major scandal and led to the cancellation of several of her films. Despite the scandal, Lords continued to work in the adult industry and became one of the most successful actresses of all time.

In 1995, Lords left the porn industry and reinvented herself as a mainstream actress. She has since appeared in a number of films and television shows including Blade (1998), Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008), and most recently, Excision (2012).

In 2007, Lords appeared in a music video for the song “Sunshine” by Australian metal band Divine Heresy. The video caused quite a stir due to its graphic nature, which included scenes of violence and nudity. Despite its controversial content, the video is actually quite well done and features some great acting by Lords. If you’re a fan of Traci Lords or just curious about her work, then this is definitely a video you need to check out!

Traci Lords in Heavy Metal Music Video: A Must-See

Traci Lords is one of the most well-known former adult film stars in the world. She’s also appeared in mainstream films and TV shows, and now she’s starring in a new heavy metal music video. The video is a must-see, not only because Traci Lords is in it, but because it’s a well-made video with a great song.

Traci Lords in “Fallen Angels”

Traci Lords in “Fallen Angels” is a must-see for any fan of heavy metal music. The video features Lords singing and dancing in a nightclub while wearing a tight, revealing outfit. The video’s catchy chorus, “I’m not an angel, I’m just a girl who loves to party,” is sure to get stuck in your head.

Traci Lords in “Out of Touch”

Traci Lords starred in the Heavy Metal music video “Out of Touch” by Warrant. The video was released in 1988 and featured Lords as the lead singer of an all-girl band. The video was directed by Lynne Stopkewich and featured cameos by members of the band Motley Crue.

Lords appeared in the video as a fantasy figure who is seduced by the members of the band. The video generated a great deal of controversy due to its sexual content and Traci Lords’ underage status at the time it was filmed. Nevertheless, it remains a cult classic and is considered one of the best heavy metal music videos ever made.

Traci Lords in “Control”

Traci Lords made waves in the music industry when she appeared in the music video for the song “Control” by heavy metal band Pantera. The video was released in 1992 and featured Lords as a sexually aggressive woman who takes control of a group of men. The video was controversial at the time, but it has since become a cult classic.


In conclusion, Traci Lords in Heavy Metal Music Video: A Must-See is an excellent video for those who enjoy watching music videos and for those who appreciate a good metal song. This video is worth watching for the pure entertainment value and for the great metal song it features.

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