The Best Trap Jazz Music to Listen to Right Now

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Looking for some great trap jazz music to listen to right now? Look no further! Here are our top picks for the best trap jazz albums to check out.


Trap jazz is a subgenre of hip hop that incorporates elements of jazz, R&B, and trap music. The genre is characterized by its use of syncopated rhythms, polyrhythms, and grooves. Trap jazz often features samples of classic jazz recordings as well as original compositions.

While trap music originated in the early 1990s, trap jazz didn’t gain popularity until the early 2000s. In recent years, trap jazz has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to artists like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and Chance the Rapper.

If you’re looking for the best trap jazz music to listen to right now, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 of our favoritetrap jazz tracks:

What is Trap Jazz?

Your standard trap song is built on top of a 808 drum beat laid over some sort of melody, usually a simple one. You also have the hi-hats and snares that give the music its signature sound. Now, imagine taking that same formula, but instead of the melody being a typical trap synth or sample, you have a real jazz instrument playing it. The result is Trap Jazz.

The Best Trap Jazz Music to Listen to Right Now

Trap Jazz is a sub-genre of hip hop that combines the elements of trap music with those of jazz. This fusion results in a sound that is both unique and catchy, and has been gaining popularity in recent years. If you’re looking for some trap jazz to listen to, here are some of the best artists to check out.

“No Diggity” by Chet Faker

“No Diggity” by Chet Faker is the best trap jazz music to listen to right now. The song, which was released in 2014, combines elements of trap and jazz to create a unique and catchy sound. The song has been praised for its originality, and it has become a favorite among fans of both genres.

“Caught Out There” by Kelis

“Caught Out There” is a song written and performed by American singer Kelis, issued as the lead single from her debut album, Kaleidoscope. The song was released in November 1999 and reached number two on the UK Singles Chart in February 2000. It remains Kelis’ biggest hit single in the UK to date.

“Santeria” by Sublime

Sublime was a ska punk band from Long Beach, California, formed in 1988. The band’s line-up, unchanged until their breakup, consisted of Bradley Nowell (vocals and guitar), Eric Wilson (bass) and Bud Gaugh (drums). Lou Dog, Nowell’s dalmatian, was considered a band member. Nowell died of a heroin overdose in 1996. In 1997, posthumous recordings such as “Doin’ Time” and “What I Got” were released to commercial success.

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“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a song by American rock band Nirvana, released on September 10, 1991 as the lead single from the band’s second studio album, Nevermind. The unexpected success of the song propelled Nevermind to the top of several international charts, including the Billboard 200 in the United States. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” received critical acclaim from music critics, who viewed it as the culmination of what the alternative rock genre had to offer and a representative of Generation X’s defiance of genres.

“All I Wanna Do” by Sheryl Crow

“All I Wanna Do” is the perfect example of a song that’s both catchy and timeless. Sheryl Crow’s 1994 hit perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the ’90s, while also having a message that’s just as relevant today. The song is about finding joy in the simple things in life, and it’s something we could all use a reminder of right now.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best trap jazz music to listen to right now. This genre of music is perfect for any situation, whether you’re studying for an exam, working out at the gym, or just relaxing at home. Whatever your mood, there’s a trap jazz song that will fit it. So turn up the volume and enjoy!

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