Trupa Trupa Bring Some Poetry and Subtlety to Psychedelic Rock

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Subtlety and poetry are not usually words that come to mind when thinking of psychedelic rock, but they are certainly two adjectives that can be used to describe the music of Trupa Trupa. Hailing from Poland, this four-piece band has been making waves in the psych scene with their unique blend of sounds and influences.

Who is Trupa Trupa?

Formed in 2008, Trupa Trupa is a Polish experimental rock band who have been compared to the likes of Sonic Youth and Pixies. The band’s name is taken from a Polish children’s book, and their music has been described as “psychedelic noise-pop”.

Trupa Trupa have released three albums: their self-titled debut (2010), Headache (2014), and Oferta (2017). Headache was nominated for the Fryderyk Award (the Polish equivalent of the Grammy Awards) for Best Alternative Album.

The band’s fourth album, Gruszka, is set to be released on October 5, 2018.

What is their sound?

Trupa Trupa might be the most unusual band you’ll hear all year. The Polish quartet make a kind of off-kilter psychedelic rock, infused with punk energy, post-rock soundscapes and some unexpected turns into delicate folk and even trip-hop. It’s an intriguing mix that is anchored by the band’s songwriting, which ranges from the poppy to the dark and poetic.

What are their influences?

Trupa Trupa’s influences range from punk and garage rock to krautrock, dub, and psychedelia. Their sound has been likened to that of Pixies, Fugazi, Talking Heads, and Modest Mouse.

How have they evolved?

Trupa Trupa, a Polish band, originally started as a noise rock trio. They self-released their first album in 2012 and followed it with a mini-album, both of which were well-received by critics. The band then signed to Golf Channel Recordings and released their second album, Headache, in 2015. This album brought them more attention, and they began to tour internationally.

In 2018, the band released their third album, Jolly New Songs, which was even more successful than their previous two releases. The album was nominated for the Mercury Prize, and the band toured extensively in support of it.

Trupa Trupa’s sound has evolved over the years, from noise rock to psychedelic rock. They have always been a highly experimental band, but on Jolly New Songs they added more subtlety and poetry to their music while still retaining the raw energy that has made them so popular.

What is their new album about?

Trupa Trupa’s new album, “Of the Sun,” is a collection of 10 psychedelic-tinged rock songs that explore themes of love, loss, and existential angst. Lead singer Grzegorz Kwiatkowski said in an interview with Consequence of Sound that the album is “about the light and the darkness that we all experience in our lives.”

Kwiatkowski’s lyrics are often oblique and cryptic, but they are also suffused with a deep sense of longing and melancholy. On the song “Into the Sun,” he sings about being “tired of searching for something that’s not there/And I’m sick of trying to be someone that I’m not.” These lyrics capture the feeling of aimlessness and alienation that many people experience in today’s world.

Despite its heavy subject matter, “Of the Sun” is also an incredibly beautiful and moving album. The band’s inventive use of dynamics and sound textures creates a sense of grandeur and scale, while still remaining intimate and personal. This is an album that will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening to it.

What are the singles from the new album?

Trupa Trupa’s new album, Of the Sun, is out now and it is fantastic! The album features a mix of psychedelic rock, dream pop, and shoegaze, and the result is an immersive and atmospheric listening experience. The singles from the album are “Into the Sun,” “Lonely World,” and ” Floating.”

What are the reviews saying about the new album?

The reviews are in for Trupa Trupa’s new album, and they are good! Critics are praising the band’s mix of poetry and subtlety with their psychedelic rock sound. This is definitely an album that fans of the genre will want to check out.

What’s next for Trupa Trupa?

Trupa Trupa made their name with a series of EPs that showcased their raw, psychedelic sound. They built up a devoted following among fans of experimental music, and their debut album, Headache, was one of the most acclaimed albums of 2015. But what’s next for Trupa Trupa?

The band is currently working on their second album, which they hope to release in 2017. They’re also planning to tour Europe and the United States in support of the album. In the meantime, they’re keeping busy with a series of singles and live performances.

So what can fans expect from Trupa Trupa’s second album? Frontman Grzegorz Kwiatkowski says it will be “a bit more poppy” than Headache. “But it will still have all the elements that made our first album special,” he adds. “There will be plenty of noise, plenty of dirges, and plenty of poetry.”

If Kwiatkowski’s promises are anything to go by, Trupa Trupa’s second album will be an exciting and ambitious follow-up to Headache. We can’t wait to hear it!

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