Twilight Techno Piano Sheet Music for FantasySX

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Find the Twilight Techno Piano Sheet Music for your FantasySX here!


Welcome to my site! This is where you can find piano sheet music for the twilight techno arrangements I’ve made for the FantasySX game. These arrangements are designed to be accessible for intermediate level pianists, and I hope you enjoy playing them.

About the Author

Meet the author, Ashley Yao!

Ashley Yao is a classically trained pianist who has been playing the piano for over 10 years. She began playing popular music and Anime/video game music on the piano in her early teens, and later went on to study classical piano performance in college. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance, she decided to share her love of music with others by creating sheet music arrangements of her favorite tunes. Check out her website for more sheet music:

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