Two Guitars – A Russian Folk Song Sheet Music

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Two Guitars – A Russian Folk Song is a beautiful and haunting melody. The sheet music is available for purchase and download.


Two Guitars – A Russian Folk Song is a traditional song that has been adapted for guitar. The sheet music includes the melody and chord symbols for the song. The melody is in standardnotation and the chord symbols are guitar tablature.

History of the song

“Two Guitars” (Две гитары) is a Russian folk song composed by Vasily Andreyevich Trofimov in 1881. The song became popular in the Soviet Union and has been covered by many artists.

The song is about two guitars that are in love with each other, but they can never be together. One guitar is bought by a rich man and the other guitar is left behind. The song is a sad story, but it also has a happy ending. The two guitars are reunited in the end and they play together again.


Play party game “Two Guitars”
Two guitars standing side by side
Playing music together all through the night
One guitar is sad, the other one is happy
They sing a song of love that never ends

One guitar is playing a minor chord, the other one is playing a major chord
Together they make a beautiful sound
Their song is about two lovers who are apart
But their love for each other never dies

One day they’ll be together once again
And their music will fill the air
And everyone who hears it will be happy
Just like the two guitars are happy now

Sheet music

“Two Guitars” (Две гитары, Dve gitáry) is a Russian folk song composed by Vasily Andreyevich Zolotaryov in 1848. It is one of the most popular and recognizable Russian folk songs.

The song tells the story of two guitars, one of which is broken and left behind, while the other continues on its journey. The lyrics are written in a simple, childlike manner and express the feelings of loss and nostalgia.

The melody is notable for its use of major and minor tonalities, which creates a sense of sadness and longing. The song has been adapted for various instruments and genres, including classical, jazz, rock, and pop.


The song “Two Guitars” is a Russian folk song that has been arranged for classical guitar by various composers. This particular arrangement is by Vasily Andreyevich Pyshnograi and was published in St. Petersburg in 1914. The piece is in two parts, the first part being played by the right hand and the second part by the left hand. The two parts are meant to be played at the same time, creating a harmony.

This piece is a wonderful example of Russian folk music and would make a great addition to any classical guitar repertoire.

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