UKF Dubstep: The Best Music Videos

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UKF Dubstep is a YouTube channel that provides a platform for dubstep artists to showcase their music. The channel has amassed a large following and is widely considered to be a go-to source for the best dubstep music videos.

UKF Dubstep

UKF Dubstep is a channel on YouTube that focuses on music videos of the dubstep genre. The channel was created on December 13, 2009, and has over 5 million subscribers. The channel is run by UKF, a record label that specializes in electronic music.

What is UKF Dubstep?

UKF Dubstep is a popular electronic music genre that originated in the United Kingdom. The style is characterized by heavy basslines, wobbly synth sounds, and fast-paced beats. UKF Dubstep songs are often played at nightclubs and music festivals.

The Best UKF Dubstep Music Videos
1. “Bass Cannon” by Pendulum
2. “Get Free” by Major Lazer (featuring Amber Coffman)
3. “Rudeboy Bass” by Rusko
4. “Scatta” by Skream (featuring Foreign Beggars)
5. “Sicko Cell” by Nero
6. “Tetris” by Doctor P (featuring Jay Z)
7. ” When the Levee Breaks” by Seven Lions (featuring Ghanaian singer-rapper Fuse ODG)

The Best UKF Dubstep Music Videos

UKF Dubstep is a popular YouTube channel that specializes in dubstep and other electronic dance music. The channel has over 2 million subscribers and features some of the most popular dubstep artists in the world.

Some of the best UKF Dubstep music videos include:

1. Skream & Benga – Night
2. Nero – Me & You
3. Chase & Status – End Credits (feat. Plan B)
4. Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop
5. Knife Party – Internet Friends
6. Feed Me – One Click Headshot


Skream, a.k.a. Oliver Dene Jones, is a British dubstep producer who is widely considered to be one of the genre’s pioneers. Skream’s first album, Skream!, was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. His music is known for its dark, brooding atmospheres and often features heavily processed vocals.


UKF Dubstep is a YouTube channel that features the best in dubstep music videos. One of their most popular videos is “Skream!” by Skream. The video features footage ofSkream performing live, as well as a number of his music videos.

“Midnight Request Line”

“Midnight Request Line” is a song by British dubstep producer Skream. It was released as a single on 21 October 2005, through Tempa record label, and later appeared on his 2006 album Skream!.

The song samples: American R&B singer Monica’s 1998 song “The First Night”, with the line “Gonna give you some quality time” being repeated throughout the track.


Benga is a dubstep producer from the UK. He has been making music since the early 2000s and is one of the pioneers of the dubstep genre. Benga’s music is characterized by its dark, bass-heavy sound. He often uses samples from horror movies and video games in his songs. Benga has released three albums and several EPs. He has also collaborated with other notable dubstep producers, such as Skream and Rusko.

“Benga Beats”

Benga is a dubstep producer and DJ from Croydon, England. He is widely credited as one of the first dubstep producers to release on vinyl, with his 2006 track “Skank,” backed with “The Judgement.” He was also one of the earliest dubstep producers to achieve mainstream success in the United Kingdom, with his 2010 track “Night” reaching number 16 on the UK Singles Chart.

Benga’s musical style is characterized by heavy basslines,often accompanied by ragga or grime MCs, and frequent use of instruments such as guitars and pianos. His tracks often incorporate elements of other genres such as house and drum and bass. Benga has released three studio albums: Diary of an Afro Warrior (2008), Benga Beats (2009) and Phase One (2012). He has also collaborated with fellow dubstep producer Skream, as part of the duo Magnetic Man.


“Night” is a song by Benga. It was released on 10 June 2010 as a digital download in the United Kingdom. The song peaked at number 102 on the UK Singles Chart.


UKF Dubstep is a popular YouTube channel that features the best dubstep music videos from around the world. Caspa is a well-known dubstep artist who has been featured on UKF Dubstep. In this video, Caspa creates a track using only the sounds of a washing machine.

“Rubber Duck”

Caspa is a London-based dubstep producer and DJ. His song “Rubber Duck” was released in 2011 and quickly rose to popularity. The song’s music video features Caspa performing in a variety of settings, including a nightclub, a dark alleyway, and an abandoned warehouse. “Rubber Duck” is considered one of the best dubstep songs of all time, and its music video is a visual representation of the song’s energy and intensity.

“Back for the First Time”

Caspa, real name Gary McCann, is a dubstep producer and DJ from London, England. He is the co-founder of dubstep record label Siri Music. His debut album Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening was released in 2008, followed by the 2010 album Everybody’s Talking, Still Nobody’s Listening.

Caspa’s music has been featured in films such as The Inbetweeners Movie and Skins. He has also produced remixes for artists such as Seven Lions and Chase & Status.

In 2012, Caspa was nominated for the Best Dubstep Artist at the Bass Music Awards.


UKF Dubstep is a music channel on YouTube that focuses on dubstep music. The channel was created by Luke Hood and has over 1 million subscribers. UKF Dubstep features music videos from a variety of artists, but they are best known for their videos of Rusko.

“Hold On”

The song “Hold On” by Rusko is a dubstep track with a heavy bassline and a catchy melody. The music video for the song features Rusko performing in a club surrounded by partygoers.

“Somebody to Love”

“Somebody to Love” is a song performed by Rusko. The song was released as a single on May 6, 2010.

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