The Best of Viking Instrumental Music

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Looking for the best of Viking instrumental music? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best pieces of music to come out of the Viking era.


Instrumental music was an important part of Viking culture. It was used for entertainment, ceremonies, and even as a form of storytelling. There were many different types of instruments used by the Vikings, including the lur (a long horn), the harp, the bagpipes, and the lyre.

The Vikings were also skilled in playing stringed instruments such as the fiddle and the lute. Percussion instruments such as drums and cymbals were also used.

The music of the Vikings was often lively and upbeat. It was meant to be enjoyed by all who heard it.

As you listen to the music of the Vikings, you will be transported back to a time when brave warriors roamed the earth and exploration was a way of life.

The Best of Viking Instrumental Music

The best of Viking instrumental music can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a form of music that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for music to relax to, or music to get pumped up for a workout, Viking instrumental music has something for everyone.

The Best of Viking Instrumental Music- A History

The Vikings were an ancient Norse people who, from the late 8th to the late 11th centuries, raided, traded and colonized parts of Europe, Asia and the North Atlantic. The Vikings were also instrumental in the development of many modern day countries. In this article, we take a look at the best of Viking instrumental music and its influence on modern day music.

Viking music was characterized by its use of instruments such as the lute, harp, fiddle and trumpet. The music was often used for storytelling and praising the gods. One of the most famous Viking musicians was Egill Skallagrímsson, a 10th century Icelandic singer and poet.

Many of the instruments used by the Vikings can still be heard in modern day folk music. The lute, for example, is still used in many Scandinavian countries. The fiddle is also still popular in Scandinavia and Ireland.

The influence of Viking music can also be heard in classical music. Richard Wagner’s “Ring Cycle”, for example, was heavily influenced by Viking mythology. Wagner even included Norse mythology in his works such as “The Flying Dutchman” and ” Siegfried “.

So there you have it – a brief history of Viking instrumental music and its influence on modern day music. Whether you’re a fan of classical or folk music, you can still enjoy the sounds of the Vikings!

The Best of Viking Instrumental Music- The Music

The Best of Viking Instrumental Music features a collection of some of the best known and most popular Viking instrumental pieces. Norse mythology and folklore are rife with stories of dragons, elves, giants, and other mythical creatures, and the music on this album brings these tales to life. The melodies are both beautiful and stirring, and will transport you to the world of Nordic legend.


In conclusion, the best of Viking instrumental music is a varied and interesting genre that is well worth exploring. There are many different styles and interpretations of Viking music, so there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you are looking for something relaxing or upbeat, there is sure to be a Viking instrumental track that you will enjoy.

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