The Weirdest Techno Music Videos You’ve Ever Seen

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Looking for something different in your music videos? Check out our list of the weirdest techno music videos you’ve ever seen. From mind-bending visuals to mind-boggling concepts, these videos will definitely leave you wondering what you just watched.


There’s something about techno music that just makes you want to dance. Maybe it’s the repetitive beats, or the hypnotic synthesizer sounds. Or maybe it’s the strange and surreal images that often accompany the music.

Whatever the reason, techno music videos can be some of the most strange and visually arresting things you’ll ever see. From mind-bending animations to bizarre live-action footage, these videos are sure to leave you feeling both confused and entertained.

So without further ado, here are some of the weirdest techno music videos you’ll ever see:

“Bleep” by Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin’s “Bleep” is one of the weirdest techno music videos you’ll ever see. The entire video is a collage of footage from various porn films, with the audio heavily distorted and bleeped out. It’s strange, it’s NSFW, and it’s definitely not for everyone. But if you’re a fan of weird techno music videos, this is one you won’t want to miss.

“Come to Daddy” by Aphex Twin

“Come to Daddy” is a song by British electronic musician Aphex Twin, released on 30 September 1997 by Warp. The song appeared on the U.S. version of his album Richard D. James Album as its opening track, but was omitted from the original UK pressing in favour of “Fingerbib”. “Come to Daddy” was released as a single in October 1997, reaching number 26 on the UK Singles Chart and number two on the US Hot Dance Club Play chart. The song’s music video, directed by Chris Cunningham, is considered one of the most iconic and controversial of the 1990s.

The video features a group of children who are taken to an abandoned warehouse by a sinister-looking man in a rubber suit. The children are then subjected to a series of disturbing and violent images, including one where the man in the suit eats a live rat. The video was banned from MTV’s rotation due to its graphic content, but still managed to garner heavy rotation on alternative music channels such as MuchMusic.

“Windowlicker” by Aphex Twin

The music video for “Windowlicker” by Aphex Twin was released in 1999 and was directed by Chris Cunningham. The video is extremely strange, and features disturbing images of mutated humans with Aphex Twin’s face superimposed onto them. The video is not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely one of the weirdest techno music videos you’ll ever see.

“Flesh World” by Squarepusher

Squarepusher, aka Tom Jenkinson, is a British techno musician who has been making music since the early 1990s. “Flesh World” is a song from his 1997 album, Hard Normal Daddy. The video for the song is just as weird and glitchy as the music itself, and features Jenkinson’s face superimposed onto the bodies of various animals and creatures.

“Do You Know Squarepusher” by Squarepusher

This bizarre and slightly disturbing techno music video features a man in a square mask who seems to be controlled by some sort of computer program. He jerks and twitches his way through the video, occasionally smashing things, as a distorted voice asks questions like “Do you know Squarepusher?” and “What is your mission?”. It’s all very strange, and not for the faint of heart.

“Tundra” by Autechre

This seven-minute video for the song “Tundra” by Autechre is an avant-garde visual feast. It features a series of slowly morphing abstract images that are oddly compelling and strangely beautiful. The effect is mesmerizing, and the song itself is an excellent example of cerebral techno.

“Gantz Graf” by Autechre

“Gantz Graf” by Autechre is a mind-bending, techno music video that is sure to leave you baffled. The video features a series of geometric shapes that shift and change in bizarre ways, set to the fast-paced, electronic music of Autechre. If you’re looking for a truly weird and trippy music video experience, “Gantz Graf” is a must-watch.

“Ventolin” by Aphex Twin

This music video for Aphex Twin’s “Ventolin” is definitely one of the weirdest techno music videos you’ve ever seen. Featuring a man in a gas mask dancing around in a variety of strange locations, the video is bizarre, unsettling, and completely captivating.

“Elephant Song” by Plaid

Released in 1998, “Elephant Song” by electronic music duo Plaid is one of the most bizarre and confounding music videos ever made. The entire video is set in what appears to be a laboratory or factory of some kind, and features a cast of characters that appear to be a cross between animals and humans.

The video opens with a close-up of a man’s face, whose features are partially animal-like. He is shown performing various tasks in the factory, including operating machinery and conducting experiments. At one point, he even appears to be giving birth to a strange creature.

As the video goes on, we see more and more of the animal-human hybrids, some of which are shown in cages while others roam free. The creatures all have different animal features, including ears, tails, and snouts.

At the end of the video, the man from the beginning is seen walking into the sunset with one of the creatures, holding hands. The meaning of the video is open to interpretation, but it’s certainly one of the weirdest and most unforgettable techno music videos you’ll ever see.

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