What Does Hydra Bot Use for Music?

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Music bot Hydra has a simple reaction-based menu and a novel method of displaying the current song and queue (optional). Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube are all supported!

Similarly, How do you play Hydra bot with music?

You may use it like any other music bot right away. Type anything like. into a voice channel to join. alan walker’s popularity waned. Hydra will join in and begin playing the music that was requested. The date of July 6th, 2020

Also, it is asked, What music platforms does Hydra bot support?

When it comes to delivering music to your server, Hydra relies on third-party services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, and Bandcamp. Among the early Spotify bots for Discord, Hydra has held its own. You may also submit audio files to be played or streamed on the internet radio

Secondly, Can Hydra bots play music?

Incorporating Bots into Your Discord Server Music by Jockie. Jockie Music is without a doubt the finest Discord music bot. Uzox. It’s worth checking out Uzox bot if you require a free Discord music bot with premium capabilities. Fredboat.\sHydra.\sChip.\sZandercraft.\sBMO.\sVexera

Also, Does Hydra bot support Spotify?

Discord Music Playing Tips Using the “+” sign in your Discord, you may add a server. Give the server a name and specify your location. The “Invite” or “Add” button is located on the bot’s webpage. Use Discord to log in to your account It’s as simple as choosing a server for your music bot and passing the verification

People also ask, What is the best Discord music bot?

As a result of recent events, we were obliged to expedite our efforts to reorient Hydra. There was an urgent necessity to remove YouTube from Hydra’s supported platforms. So we had to disable queueing for videos from YouTube and similar providers.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you play music on Discord bot?

There are two possible outcomes to this scenario. Or, either Discord, our host, or one of us screwed something wrong while we’re putting out an upgrade to bring new features and repair issues.

Can Hydra play songs from YouTube?

Choose a server on the Groovy website, click Add to Discord > Select a Server, and then click Authorize to get started with your very own Spotify bot! It’s possible to stream other people’s music and ask friends to join you in the listening experience.

Why is Hydra bot offline?

Features and benefits of the finest Discord bots. MEE6. It is possible to automate the transmission of welcome messages using MEE6, a bot. Thank you very much, Memer. The Dank Memer bot is a great option if you’re looking for a fun Discord environment. Helper.gg. ProBot.\sIdleRPG. Hubs for the people. Tip.cc. Count twice. In the year 2022, on April 4,

How do I play Discord bots on Spotify?

Here’s a quick start guide for using the MEE6 bot to play music in your discord server. Click on Plugins and then on Music to see the options. The default setting should be to activate this feature. Make use of a voice channel on your discord server. Please enter the character! Please enter the following characters:! To add a song to the playlist, put the song’s number into the MEE6 search box. Please enter the following characters:!

What are the best discord bots?

Because of copyright difficulties with YouTube, Groovy’s Discord music bot service terminated on August 30. It’s been a long time since Discord, a text messaging and voice calling program popular for gaming and community building, introduced bots.

How do you use a LOFI radio bot?

When using Discord on a mobile device, how do you listen to music? Go to the Groovy.bot website and click “Add to Discord” straight away. Select “Authorize” from the drop-down menu after selecting a server. Please verify that you are not a robot by checking the box next to “I am not a robot.” Ask Groovy to play your favorite music via the voice channel

How do u use MEE6?

Fredboat. Discord music bot Fredboat is free to use and add to your server. It can stream music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and even Twitch. You can use this bot to shuffle your music, and there are a few more things you can take use of as well

How do you use Jockie music?

Groovy’s service will be shut off on August 30th. In the coming weeks, any Premium members who paid after this date will be reimbursed,” said Ammerlaan.

Is Groovy shutting down?

You’ll need to know these commands and features: Discord has a built-in music player that lets you listen to your favorite tunes right from the app, thanks to streaming hardware. Dashboard on the web: Dyno Bot’s interface makes it simple to operate and administer several servers. In the year 2021, on April 5,

How do I add music to Discord server?

How can I add Groovy to Discord? Open your Discord account. Visit the Groovy website to learn more. Click on “Add to Discord.” Use the Add a Bot to a Server’ procedure. Allow permissions such as ‘Use Voice Activity’ and others that you choose. On the “Authorize” button, click it. Put in the captcha, then install the Music Bot

What bots can play music on Discord?

What are the most effective Discord Chip Bot commands? To play [insert music title or URL] ch! On Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud.com. ch! Halt: This action will pause the current song. ch! resumes the stopped track when you hit enter. Tracks in the queue may be seen by pressing ch! queue. ch!\sch!\sch!\sch! 2021 9 8

Is Groovy still working?

Hydra may join any voice channel, in general! Any existing Discord voice channel on your server may be joined automatically by Hydra if it has been granted access. Hydra will be able to access all channels if one of its roles has the Administrator permission added to it.

Can dynos play music?

Most of the time, Hydra’s slowness may be traced back to Discord’s voice servers, which are experiencing occasional problems. Discord will usually simply restart them after a while. You may, however, move to a nearby server in the meantime. We created a special command just for this purpose in order to provide a great user experience!

How do I get groovy bot?

The Watch Together YouTube music bot isn’t exactly the same as the famous Rythm and Groovy Discord music bots. However, it’s possible that you’ll be exposed to advertising. Using the Watch Together option, Discord advises that “you may encounter advertisements during YouTube videos.”.

How do you use chip discord?

Botify. In order to play Spotify music in your Discord channels, you need the Botify bot. In addition, the bot is also compatible with YouTube and has the following unique functions. In addition to a variety of streaming services like Spotify, you may also listen to music from other services like SoundCloud.

How does Hydra bot work?

For example, Discord-MusicBot is one of several Spotify bots for Discord that may be used to play music.

Can Hydra play in two channels?

Use These Discord Game Bots to Play Online Games IdleRPG. You may play IdleRPG on your Discord server since it’s a text-based roleplaying game. PokeMeow. When it comes to Discord bots, the most popular is PokeMeow. Puppies on a leash. TriviaBot.\sGarticBOT. GamesROB.\sChess.\sMudae

Is there a Spotify music bot for Discord?

Only on your server does Mee6 have anything like the music command. I realize you were referring to MEE6, but thanks for the clarification nevertheless. Music, a quiz, and a gorgeous rank card are all included in our premium service. In Discord Nitro, the focus is on you and your own personal advantages.


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For music, the “music bot discord” uses a combination of YouTube and SoundCloud.

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