What Does Metal Music Say About a Person?

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Despite the occasionally harsh image that rock and heavy metal music projects, studies discovered that lovers of this kind of music are generally compassionate. They are usually creative, yet they are introverted and may have poor self-esteem.

Similarly, What does listening to metal say about a person?

According to a recent research, listening to heavy metal lessens a person’s sensitivity to violence. Long-term fans were also happier in their youth and more adjusted in middle age than non-metalheads, according to the research.

Also, it is asked, What does metal say about your personality?

Researchers discovered that those who are furious or aggressive might have more pleasant emotions as a result of the higher arousal caused by metal music, which corresponds to the person’s physiological condition. Anger control is aided by the similarity between anger/aggression and arousal from metal.

Secondly, What emotion is metal music?

“Chaotic, loud, heavy, and forceful noises, with passionate voices, frequently incorporating lyrical themes of anxiety, sadness, social isolation, and loneliness” are common characteristics of metal and other extreme music genres (Sharman and Dingle).

Also, Are metalheads nice?

Metalheads and classical music lovers have similar temperaments, in addition to sounding similar and having comparable criteria of perfection. According to research from Heriot-Watt University, both types of fans are creative and sensitive people who are at ease in their own skin.

People also ask, Why is metal music good for you?

Heavy metal music may decrease blood pressure, pulse rate, and anxiety levels, according to the findings of the research.

Related Questions and Answers

Are metalheads depressed?

A recent research has confirmed what many people already knew: heavy metal fans are more worried and sad than others. In a poll of college students, researchers discovered that individuals who listened to hard rock and metal had much greater levels of mental stress.

Why does metal music calm me down?

Metal songs are known for combining emotive lyrics with the genre’s signature larger-than-life sound. Metal music may give an avenue for expressing strong emotions such as wrath. It may also help you relax. This tremendous level of intensity from might give an emotional catharsis for metal fans.

Does metal music make you angry?

Anger and Extreme Music Heavy metal listeners did not demonstrate an increase in aggression after listening to heavy metal music, according to Gowensmith and Bloom (1997). Heavy metal music was extremely stimulating to both fans and non-fans in this research, with heavy metal listeners having higher assessed state-arousal.

Do metalheads have low self-esteem?

Headbangers and metalheads However, some people have poor self-esteem and a need for individuality. One may assume that listening to heavy metal causes these and other undesirable behaviors, however the same study reveals that listening to music can be therapeutic.

Does personality affect music taste?

Numerous studies have been undertaken to indicate that individual personality may influence music selection, with personality being the most often used variable, yet a recent meta-analysis found that personality alone explains minimal difference in music preferences.

Are metalheads smarter?

Metalheads are statistically more likely to be academically and emotionally intelligent, to have a nuanced musical sensibility, and to flourish as self-employed entrepreneurs (which isn’t easy, as anybody who has tried working for themselves knows).

Does metal music make you happy?

While individuals unfamiliar with the genre found listening to it unpleasant and were more likely to feel “stress, wrath, and dread,” death metal aficionados’ experiences were found to provide “peace, pleasure, power, and amazement.”

Why are metalheads so loyal?

Heavy metal artists and fans, according to study, are “talented outsiders with poor self-esteem that develops from their sense of estrangement.” Heavy metal provides them with motivation and encouragement. One of the reasons heavy metal performers and fans are so passionate is because of this.

What makes someone a metalhead?

“A metalhead is someone who enjoys and listens to metal music.” “A metalhead is someone who enjoys and listens to metal music. Sub-genres have no bearing. Clothing is not a consideration.

Is it OK to listen to metal?

Although studies have established a correlation between heavy metal listening and an increased risk of suicide or desensitization to violence, they often fail to account for external variables such as bad family relationships, drug addiction, and feelings of alienation.

Does listening to metal make you smarter?

In fact, some metal genres may improve your critical thinking abilities and memory recall. A research at Heriot-Watt University discovered this phenomenon.

Does heavy metal music cause violence?

Aggressive rebellion, drug and alcohol misuse, graphic violence and suicide, obsession with the occult, and graphic and explicit sexuality are all attitudes and behaviors promoted by heavy metal music.

Does heavy metal music affect mental health?

Heavy music enthusiasts had considerably greater levels of despair and anxiety than non-fans, although there was no difference in trait anger between the two groups. Heavy metal listeners did not demonstrate an increase in aggression after listening to heavy metal music, according to Gowensmith and Bloom (1997).

Why do metalheads have long hair?

It simply seemed natural at the moment, so why is long hair connected with metal? The basic explanation is that in the early days of rock and metal, long hair was considered as a symbol of nonconformity (60s, 70s, and 80s). Even if long hair is less forbidden nowadays, the custom has endured.

What music taste says about intelligence?

According to study, a love for instrumental music suggests better intellect. Ambient music, smooth jazz, cinema soundtracks, classical music, and other non-vocal genres are associated with higher IQs.

What music do intellectuals listen to?

Higher cognitive test results were linked to a predilection for instrumental music, such as jazz, electronica, downtempo, and classical music.

How do you appreciate metal music?

7 Easy Steps to Appreciating Death Metal Music “How can you stand this death metal nonsense?” 2) Begin with “clear” vocals. 3) Gradually introduce “growling” vocals. 4) Research the lyrics. 5) Learn about music theory. 6) Maintain an open mind. 7) Attend live performances.

Is metal music good for your brain?

He cited a study that found “fans who were made furious and then listened to heavy metal music did not raise their anger, but did boost their positive feelings, showing that listening to extreme music represented a healthy and effective means of processing anger.”

What type of music is the happiest?

According to a research, the ‘happiest’ music enthusiasts are jazz aficionados at the top of the list. According to recent study, opera and jazz enthusiasts are among the happiest of music genres.

What are fans of metal music called?

Metalheads, headbangers, heshers, moshers, and thrashers are all terms for fans of thrash metal, which started to distinguish itself from other types of metal in the late 1980s.

Why are metalheads so elitist?

One is that, being an outsider genre, some metalheads like their “outer” position and, as a consequence, are more likely to label people who cross over from the mainstream to the outside as “poseurs,” and to dismiss advances and alterations to their unique, outside genre.

Are metalheads nerds?

Nerds are nearly often found among metalheads. What makes you believe that? NERDS Obsessive hobbies, which are often deemed specialized and not understood by a broader audience, are comparable.

What does the Bible say about heavy metal music?

It’s simple: according to the Bible, everything of creation was designed for Jesus (Colossians 1:16). That song was composed just for Jesus. As a result, Heavy Metal was created for Jesus.


Metal music is a genre of music that has been criticized by many people. The genre tends to be aggressive and loud, which can make it seem like the person who listens to metal is angry or dark.

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Metal music is a genre of rock music characterized by its heavy and distorted guitars, aggressive vocals, and often-times complex instrumental sections. The lyrics are typically about topics such as anger, hate, pain, suffering, death and more. Reference: why do people like heavy metal.

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