What Kind of Band Never Plays Music?

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Similarly, What kind of band never play music?

A rubber band, on the other hand, is the only kind of band that does not perform musical acts.

Also, it is asked, What more you take the more you leave behind?

It’s yours now! The more you walk, the more footprints you leave

Secondly, What has one eye but can’t see answer?

As the name suggests, the needle’s eye has a hole in it on one end. The needle, although having an eye, is unable to see. A needle is the only object that has one eye yet can’t see. Get the newest entertainment news from India and the rest of the globe.

Also, What has lots of eyes but Cannot see?

Answer: Things with eyes but no vision include potatoes, needles, and some sorts of storms.

People also ask, What has a ring but no fingers?

Many people have been perplexed as to why the telephone is the solution to the conundrum. In this context, “ring” refers to the sound that a phone produces when it receives a call.

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What is black when you buy it red?

When we purchase it, it’s black, but once we use it, it becomes red. Charcoal is what this signifies. Black charcoal may be utilized as a source of energy. Wood and other materials are heated to generate charcoal.

What can run but can never walk?

This is a riddle: What can walk but never run? What can speak but never weep? What has a head but never sleeps? A river is the only answer that comes to mind. In the year 2022, on April 7,

What has 1000 eyes but Cannot see?

Question: What is it that has an eye but is unable to see? A needle is the solution to the conundrum “what has an eye but cannot see.”

Which bow can’t be tied?

The Rainbow is the correct solution to the puzzle. A rainbow is like an untieable bow. In the sky, you may see a rainbow as an arch of colors

What has a feet but no legs?

Who or what does not have a limb? Ruler is the correct answer. 2021 12 3

What has 4 legs but Cannot walk?

The correct response is a chair. A chair has four legs, yet it cannot walk

What is dark but is made by light?

The solution lies in the shadows. The shadow cast by the lights on the other side of you is a reflection of yourself. A New Year’s Day

What can’t be put in a saucepan milk?

The lid is the solution.

What has 21 eyes but Cannot see?

The solution is a die (dice), which has six faces but no makeup and 21 eyes but is blind.

What has a lock but no door?

The keyboard has a lock, but no door.

Which is the saddest fruit?

What you’re looking for? (2) This is one of the most depressing fruits.

What has a spine but no bones?

The spine of a book is the only part of the book that possesses bones

What has a neck but no head?

Shirts are the solution to the “who has a neck but no head?” question. It’s all there!.

What has 6 faces and 21 eyes answer?

It is a dice (plural: dice). A cube’s “face” refers to each of its six sides. At a total of 21 dots or “eyes,” there are six dots on each of the six surfaces.

What can fly without wings?

Time” is the solution to the puzzle “what flies without wings?”.

What room can you not enter?

Riddle: Which room is off limits to the public? The letter M is the answer.

What becomes white when dirty?

The solution to this intriguing question is What Makes a Dirty Surface White? Blackboard is Riddle’s home. In the year of Dec. 1, 2020,

What is black when it’s clean?

When it’s clean, a chalkboard is black, but when we write on it with chalk, it darkens

What can speak without a mouth?

The above-mentioned riddle’s solution is “An echo.” When you hear an echo, it’s because your own voice is being reflected back to you. Thus, an echo may “speak without a tongue and hear without ears,” as the old saying goes. When the wind is just right, an echo may be heard, as it “comes to life with the breeze.”

What has two banks but no money?

This is the right solution to the question: What has two banks, but no money? “River” is Riddle’s eponym. In the year 2021,

What has 13 heart but no other organ?

A Deck of Cards is the solution to the riddle “What Has 13 Hearts, But No Other Organs?”


What kind of band never plays music? “A fish that has many teeth but cannot bite”. This is a question about the type of band that does not play music.

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