When the Music Captures the Meaning of the Text Being Sung It Is Called _____?

The termword painting” refers to when music conveys the sense of the text being sung. Which of the following best characterizes the syllabic arrangement of many notes? melismatic. Words and music that repeat after each verse are described.

Similarly, What is the term for a song in which the music is repeated for each stanza of the poem?

The same melody is used in strophic songs for each stanza of the text.

Also, it is asked, When a melody Pictorializes a word it is called?

Strophe. What is the name of the tune that picturizes a word? Word-Painting. Which of the words below best characterizes religious or spiritual music? Sacred.

Secondly, When she sings the word Rejoice It uses a musical technique where many notes are sung on one syllable of text What is this called?

When a performer sings numerous notes to one syllable of text, this is known as melisma.

Also, When each syllable of a text gets one note the text setting is described as?

Syllabic text setting refers to a song in which each syllable gets just one note.

People also ask, What is the highest male singing voice called?


Related Questions and Answers

What does strophic mean in music?

strophic definition 1: containing, connected to, or consisting of strophes. 2 of a song: compare through-composed with utilizing the same melody for subsequent stanzas.

What is the text setting style that not only emphasizes the word but also captures the text’s meaning through music?

What is the text-setting technique that uses music to not only accentuate the word but also to capture its happy meaning? Word-Painting.

What is the overall shape of a melody?

The range of a tune refers to its general form. Conjunct melodies are those that move primarily in tiny, linked intervals. Disjunct melodies are those that skip at random intervals. A melody’s component unit is a phrase.

What does word painting mean in music?

When the melody of a song mirrors the meaning of the lyrics, this is known as word painting.

What is the term to describe the technique of a wordless melody?

A method known as vocalise is a wordless melody based on the vowel “ah.”

What is the music text relationship defined as syllabic?

Syllabic music is one in which each syllable of text gets one note.

What does syllabic mean in music?

Definition: Vocal music with just one note assigned to each word. Melismatic is similar. One note for each syllable in this musical sample of syllabic.

What is it called when singers sing different words at the same time?

The word is polyphony. You can use terms like round or madrigal to describe certain genres, but they don’t make sense when discussing rock music. This is a “trick” in which the two lines are presented individually as verse and chorus and then combined subsequently.

Which term refers to a musical setting in which each syllable receives its own note?

Which phrase describes a musical arrangement in which each syllable has its own note? syllabic.

What are Melismas in music?

Melisma is the musical technique of stringing together several notes from a single phrase. Singers in the African-American church promoted the vocal tradition, which traces back to Gregorian chants and Indian ragas, in the United States.

What is the meaning of syllabic and melismatic?

The difference between syllabic and melismatic as adjectives is that syllabic is of, relating to, or consisting of a syllable or syllables, whereas melismatic is (music) of, relating to, or being a melisma; the style of singing multiple notes to one syllable of text – a feature of some islamic and gregorian chants.

What is the highest female voice?


What is the meaning of vocal music?

Any of the genres for single voice and voices in combination, with or without musical accompaniment, are considered vocal music. It covers both monophonic (music with a single melody line) and polyphonic (music with several melody lines) (consisting of more than one simultaneous melody).

What is the lowest voice of male?


What is strophic form quizlet?

Strophic form (also known as “verse-repeating” or chorus form) refers to songs in which all of the text’s verses or stanzas are sung to the same melody.

What is the meaning of strophe in English?

Strophe definition 1a: a rhythmic system made up of two or more lines that are repeated as a unit, typically in a succession of strophic units. 2a: the movement of the ancient Greek chorus as it turns from one side of the orchestra to the other.

What does section mean in a musical composition?

A section is a full but not distinct musical notion in music. The introduction or intro, exposition, development, recapitulation, verse, chorus or refrain, conclusion, coda or outro, fadeout, bridge or interlude are all examples of parts.

What does ternary form mean?

In music, ternary form is a three-part form with the third section usually being a literal or modified repetition of the first.

Why is strophic form used?

The strophic form is still quite popular, maybe because of its simplicity and capacity to generate a powerful tone and emotional impact. Strophic songs repeat one strophe’s rhythm and melody throughout the song. Many children’s songs use this technique.

What non religious means quizlet?

Music that is not religious. Non-religious music performed in the vernacular. Stanzas/Strophes. Poetry uses rhymed groupings of text. Form strophic.

What is your idea about vocal music?

Music that emphasizes and utilises the human voice is known as vocal music. Instruments are sometimes employed, but the voice is the most significant component. Instrumental music, on the other hand, includes any combination of instruments, such as strings, woodwinds, brass, or percussion, but normally does not include the human voice.

Which of the following is not a property of a musical sound?

Wavelength is not a distinguishing feature of musical sound. A musical sound’s pitch, quality, and volume are all qualities. Was this response useful?

What is the shape of music called?

Composers, performers, and listeners are all guided by form, which is the way music is ordered and constructed from beginning to conclusion.

What is shape of music meaning?

The notes may rise or fall slowly or swiftly as the song continues. One may imagine a line rising sharply when the melody abruptly soars to a much higher note, or a line falling slowly when the melody lowers gradually. The melodic line’s contour or form is determined by this line.

How do you describe the melody of a song?

The melody of a song is a combination of pitch and rhythm that comes before the background parts. Melodic sequences are musically gratifying and are sometimes the most remembered aspect of a song. Melody is a series of sounds that the listener perceives as a single thing.

What is musical text?

Because musical text mixes the verbal and auditory modes and is often complemented by the visual form, it supports a multimodal learning experience. Furthermore, studies have shown a significant link between music, visual mental imagery, and memory, all of which are good to language acquisition.


The “composers use the technique to emphasize the meaning of the text through music” is a term that is used when the music captures the meaning of the text being sung. Composers use this technique to make sure that their audience understands what they are hearing.

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The “tenor” and bass” generally classify male voices” is a term used to describe different parts of the voice. When the music captures the meaning of what is being sung, it is called “tenor” and “bass”.

  • making the music sound like the text being sung is called _____.
  • which of the following terms describes religious or spiritual music?
  • the lyrics “fa la la la la” are considered:
  • which of the following best describes the setting of many notes to a syllable?
  • the opposite of secular music is

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