Where Can I Put My Music?

The 5 finest music-hosting platforms for artists and bands Bandzoogle. Yes, it’s a shameless advertisement, but if you just have one website where you can put your music, make it your own band website. Bandcamp.\sSoundCloud.\sAudiomack.\sYouTube

Similarly, Where can I put my songs?

Get your music from iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music, among other places.

Also, it is asked, Where can I post my music to get noticed?

The 25 Best Websites for Promoting Your Music Bandcamp.\sSoundcloud.\sSpotify.\sBandsintown.\sReverbNation.\sSongkick.\sYouTube.\sInstagram.

Secondly, Where can I upload my music to make money?

DistroKid is the only service that allows you to upload an infinite amount of music to retailers for a single cheap fee while keeping 100% of your revenue. Other platforms require you to pay each time you post anything or take a percentage of your revenue, which is much less enjoyable (and way more expensive).

Also, How can I post my music?

We take a look to see if there’s anything we can do to assist you strike the correct note! A website is a great place to start when it comes to music marketing. Make yourself known on Spotify. Reddit Music is a great place to share your music. On Twitter and Instagram, look for music-related hashtags. YouTube is a great place to put your videos. On Last.fm, there was a spike. TikTok may be used to create a buzz. Soundcloud is a great place to share your music.

People also ask, Can I upload music to Spotify?

Open the Spotify mobile app on Android or iOS to upload your own music files to Spotify. Select Settings > Import > Show local audio files from the drop-down menu. Open the Spotify desktop program to upload your own music files to Spotify locally.

Related Questions and Answers

Can I earn money by uploading songs on YouTube?

When you post a song to YouTube, you will be compensated according on the number of views and clicks your video receives. Advertisers pay YouTube to broadcast adverts during your videos, and you get royalties in return.

How do I make my song go viral?


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How do I attract fans to my music?

There are 17 different techniques to increase the number of music lovers. Know what your brand stands for. Before you can accomplish anything else, you must first understand your brand. Engage your audience. Consistency is key. Make use of hashtags. Make a contest. Take use of streaming and playlisting. Add YouTube covers to your playlist. Participate in charitable activities.

How can I make my song famous?

Here are six strategies you may use in 2020 to get your music recognized. Make a demonstration. This one may seem self-evident, but it’s worth mentioning. Network. This isn’t a novel concept, but it’s a solid one that works. Music from the library. Market to companies. Make a name for yourself. Create an email list.

Do Spotify pay artists?

Instead of paying artists directly, Spotify pays rights holders—record labels, distributors, and others—who enable musicians to publish their music on the platform and then pay the artists with the money collected from the streaming service.

Can I earn money from Spotify?

Spotify pays between $. 003 and $. 005 each stream, so to earn a dollar, you’ll need roughly 250 streams. The amount you’ll be paid each Spotify stream is determined on your distribution agreement and subscriber base.

How much money does Spotify pay per listen?

each stream, from $0.003 and $0.005

How do you get people to hear your music?

5 Ways to Get Your Music Noticed Online Blogs about music. Music bloggers are constantly on the lookout for fresh material to write about. Radio stations accessible through the internet. At this point, you’d assume that Spotify had fully supplanted radio. Music discussion boards. Channels on YouTube. Groups in social media. Live performances are available. Film and television. Radio stations in the area.

How much does Spotify pay per 1000 streams?

On Spotify, you may earn anything from $2 to $4 every 1000 streams. On Spotify, the average payout per stream is $0.003. However, depending on parameters such as stream duration, location of origin, and paid vs. free users, the amount you get paid each stream might range from $0.001 to $0.008 per stream.

How much does it cost to put a song on Spotify?

All musicians may upload for free, and Spotify does not collect any fees or commissions regardless of how often they release music.

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How can I sell my music on Spotify?

To obtain your music on Spotify, create a TuneCore account. Choose whether you want to listen to a single or an album on Spotify. To get your tracks on Spotify, upload your music and cover art. Music contributors should be included so that they are thanked when your tracks are performed.

How many subscribers do you need on YouTube to make money?

1,000 people have joined the mailing list

How many views do you need on YouTube to make money?

To get paid by YouTube, you must first accumulate a balance of $100 or more in view credits. If you get $5 for every 1,000 views, you’ll need to get 20,000 views. To facilitate this, YouTube established the YouTube Partner Program, which enables you to earn money by displaying adverts on your page.

Is TikTok good for musicians?

Cover songs account for a significant chunk of TikTok’s most popular material among users and fans. They’re also one of the most accessible sorts of material to create for a variety of performers, including singers, bands, and DJs, among others.

How can I promote my music without money?

How to Promote Your Music on a Shoestring Family and friends. Those closest to you are often the first step in gaining a loyal following. Social media is a term that refers to the use of Blogs. Playlists. Creators of content. Making Music for Free. Groups and Meetups

What is the best time to release a song?

Prior to the 2020 shutdown, statistics reveal that users spent the most time on Spotify and Bandcamp on Fridays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Since the world has flipped upside down, the greatest time to respond is when you believe your following will be the most engaged. Early mornings and early nights are still common examples.

How can I grow my music?

Here are some helpful suggestions for increasing your fan base: Make a name for yourself. Make a name for yourself on music discovery websites. Feature your music on Spotify playlists. Become a featured artist on music blogs. Organize contests or giveaways. Perform Live Shows. Produce video material. Make Your Music and Merchandise Available.

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How do musicians get followers?

How to Get More Instagram Followers for Musicians Fill up your Instagram profile completely. To get new fans, create a distinctive visual identity. Fill in the blanks on your Instagram profile. To increase your following, be active on other social media platforms. Follow individuals in a systematic manner. Pay attention to the details in your descriptions.

What do fans want from artists?

Three Things Fans Want From Up-and-Coming Artists & Bands Selflessness. A sense of self. Social Media Content That Is Diverse. Additional Articles.

How can I join the music industry?

To improve your chances of breaking into the music business, follow these steps: Think about your options. Connect the dots. Prepare yourself for the procedure. Make an internet presence for yourself. Perform on a regular basis. Look for a mentor. Take advantage of internship opportunities. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.

How do I promote my song on YouTube?

There are 12 different methods to promote music on YouTube. Make your profile as attractive as possible. Please spread the news. Interact with other channels that are similar to yours. Make a schedule for your videos. Make interesting video material. Find your (or someone else’s!) audience. Make use of YouTube SEO. See what’s #trending right now.

How much money is 5000 streams on Spotify?

If anyone’s interested, 5k Spotify streams is around $23 USD: r/WeAreTheMusicMakers

How much does 100 million streams pay?

Rosenthal’s profits are predicted to be between $3,400,000 and $4,500,000 by a variety of online Spotify royalty calculators, including Streaming Calculator, Streaming Royalty Calculator, Music Fibre, and Music Gateway.

How much money do you get from 1 million YouTube views?

ranging from $3,400 to $40,000


The “distrokid” is a music distribution platform that allows users to share their music with other platforms. Distrokid offers a free service for up to 100 songs, and a $10/month subscription for unlimited access.

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