Where Did Indie Music Originate?

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Indie rock is a kind of rock music that began in the 1970s in the United States and the United Kingdom. Originally used to identify independent record labels, the phrase came to be connected with the music they created, and it was initially used interchangeably with alternative rock or “guitar pop rock.”

Similarly, Where was indie music invented?

Post-punk, new wave, and “alternative” music published on UK independent labels in the late 1970s gave birth to the term “indie.” Factory Records, Mute, Fiction, and, perhaps most notably, Rough Trade were all launched in 1978.

Also, it is asked, What was the first indie song?

With Buzzcocks’ Spiral Scratch EP, the tale of indie music as we know it starts. This seminal four-track 7″ from the renowned Manchester pop-punk quintet was initially issued in April 1977 and is generally regarded as rock’s first independently-funded and distributed CD.

Secondly, Where did indie folk originate?

Ani DiFranco and Dan Bern, as well as acoustic performers like Elliott Smith and Will Oldham, were among the first to incorporate alternative rock elements into their music in the 1990s.

Also, Is Billie Eilish indie?

Billie Eilish is an up-and-coming independent musician. She has over a million Twitter followers, tens of millions of YouTube views for each of her recent singles, and her first album has charted at number one in a number of countries.

People also ask, What defines indie music?

Independent music (sometimes known as indie music or just indie) is music created independently of commercial record companies or their subsidiaries, which might involve a self-contained, do-it-yourself recording and publishing process.

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Who influenced indie music?

In the mid-1980s, the term “indie” came to refer to the music released on post-punk labels rather than the labels themselves. College rock, which featured significant acts like R.E.M. from the United States and The Smiths from the United Kingdom, paved the way for the indie rock movement in the United States.

When did indie music originate?

In the 1980s, “indie” was linked in the United Kingdom with the C-86 movement’s jangly guitar pop. As an increasing number of artists and listeners sought alternatives to the mainstream music establishment in the 1990s, “indie” music grew more wide and established.

Is Nirvana an indie?

Nirvana battled their success while pursuing it, becoming some of the most iconic anti-rock stars in history. They were anchored in an underground style yet enjoyed mainstream music.

Why is it called indie?

People often refer to independent music as having originated in the 1970s in the United States and the United Kingdom. That’s when the phrase became connected with independent artists/labels and was used to define a genre interchangeably.

What genre is Gorillaz?

Dance music that is electronic Alternative/Indie

What makes a song alternative indie?

Alternative dance, unlike most dance music, usually has lyrics, which, like indie pop or indie rock, are generally more philosophically nuanced and/or less polished than those of commercial pop.

What genre is Ed Sheeran?

Sheeran, Ed / Genre

What did Kanye West say about Billie?

“Come on Billie, we love you,” Kanye said on Instagram on Thursday, February 10th, as the caption to a screen grab of a post by @rapseatv, which highlighted how Eilish had handed an inhaler to a fan who was having trouble breathing during her performance

Is Taylor Swift an indie artist?

Swift, at 31, has gone full indie-pop, as seen by her Grammy-winning performance on Folklore. But underneath those beautiful soundscapes is an artist who has been battling for years to control her work’s means, method of creation, and distribution.

What genre is nirvana?


Is Coldplay an indie?

They mixed indie, rock, and folk elements into their songs. Today, it’s difficult to classify Coldplay as an independent band. Their music has changed through time and now appeals to a worldwide audience. They’ve become more lively and entertaining, with their songs appearing in club remixes.

What other genres influenced indie music?

Aside from the obvious contradiction, the relative freedom of such artists and labels has led the door for musical experimentation: indie music has produced numerous unique subgenres, inspired by punk, psychedelic music, post-punk, hard rock, garage, country, and many more.

Indie music had a more “punk rock” beginning than we’re accustomed to now. It was initially conceived as a genre that enabled bands to produce their own records rather than signing a studio agreement. And by popularizing indie music, self-published bands gained access to a genre that enabled them to flourish.

What was the first indie record?

EP by Spiral Scratch

What is Metallica’s genre?

Genre: MetalMetallica

What type of music is Mac Demarco?

Alternative/IndieMac Genre / DeMarco

What genre is Slipknot?

Metal of death Metal with a groove

Is Harry Styles an indie?

Styles discusses the raw emotion that comes with embracing change with “As It Was,” while musically moving out of the box with a sound that suggests Styles could be in his indie-pop phase (fingers crossed!). “Harry’s House” will be released on May 20 and will have 13 songs.

Is Gorillaz a grunge band?

Gorillaz’s music has been categorized as alternative rock, art pop, electronic, trip-hop, and hip hop.

Is Gorillaz an emo?

Gorillaz are far from being Emo, even if they employ a range of musical styles and have some gloomy, dark compositions. Furthermore, since Gorillaz’ music is always shifting between genres, we can’t describe it as Emo.

What genre is panic at the disco?

Alternative/IndiePanic! Genre: At The Disco

What genre is Taylor Swift?

Country music is a genre of music that originated in the United Pop

Who did Billie Eilish have a crush on?

Gellar, Sarah Michelle

Does Billie Eilish have a gf?

Billie is presently seeing Matthew Tyler Vorce, according to several sources. While both the Bad Guy singer and her rumored lover like to keep things secret, there are a few hints regarding Billie’s new love interest in the public realm. includes some contentious information

Has Billie Eilish had any boyfriends?

Matthew Tyler Vorce is Billie Eilish’s latest boyfriend. The self-described “Actor. Writer. Degenerate” has been seeing the “Bad Guy” singer since early this year, but the pair wasn’t publicly seen together until April, when Page Six released exclusive photographs of the couple cuddling in Santa Barbara, Calif.

What genre is Olivia Rodrigo?

Olivia Rodrigo / Pop / Genre

What genre is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles / Genre / Pop

What genre is LAUV?

Genre / PopLauv

What did Billie Eilish reply to Kanye?

In response to Kanye West, Billie Eilish said that she “literally never said a word against Travis [Scott].” On November 5, during Travis Scott’s Astroworld event in Houston, Texas, ten people were murdered and hundreds were wounded. The audience members that perished ranged in age from 9 to 27.

Is Astroworld a trap?

Composition. Astroworld is a hip hop and psychedelic rap album with trap and psychedelic music influences.

Is folklore an indie album?

Folklore is a pop album disguised as an independent album by lowering the case of all song names.

What type of genre is folklore?

Alternative rock indie folk


Indie music is a term that has been used to describe music that is independent of the major record labels. Indie music usually refers to rock, pop, and electronic music.

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Indie music is a subgenre of alternative rock and indie pop that originated in the United States and the United Kingdom during the 1980s. The term was originally used to describe underground, unsigned bands playing at clubs, record stores, coffeehouses and other noncommercial venues. Reference: facts about indie music.

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