Where to Find Music on Iphone?

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Music on iPhone lets you browse albums, playlists, and more. Hit Library in the Music app, then a category like Albums or Songs; tap Downloaded to see just music on your iPhone. To narrow your results and locate what you’re searching for, scroll down the page or swipe down the screen and put in the search area.

Similarly, Why can’t I find my music on my iPhone?

Ensure that your iOS, iPadOS, macOS, or iTunes for Windows devices are running the most recent version. Make sure all of your devices have Sync Library switched on. Connect your whole system to the Internet. Check the Apple System Status page to check whether your nation or area is experiencing service disruptions.

Also, it is asked, Where is my music library on my phone?

Where do I save my music? Select My Collection from the menu drawer to see your music library. The primary Play Music interface displays your music collection. To see your music in categories like Artists, Albums, or Songs, choose a tab.

Secondly, Where is my Apple Music library?

Select the Music option. Music is under your iPhone in iTunes’ left-hand window. On Apple Music, it’s in the bar across the top of the screen.

Also, Where did my iTunes music go?

Find Music on Your Device That Is Missing On your smartphone, launch the iTunes Store app. On an iPhone, go to More > Purchase > Music; on an iPad, go to Purchased and it will immediately display you the categories for music, movies, and TV series. You should be able to locate your lost music here.

People also ask, Why did my Apple Music library disappear?

The iTunes songs will be buried and gone from your iPhone if you disable iCloud Music Library. The iCloud Music Library may also be switched off automatically when you update. Please ensure that your iPhone is logged in with your Apple ID and that iCloud Music Library is turned on.

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