Which of the Following Is a Synonym for Context as It Relates to Poetry Story Music Origin Author?

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Similarly, What is a synonym for context in poetry?

Here you will find 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related terms for context, such as: context, context of usage, surrounding text and context.

Also, it is asked, Which of the following is a synonym for context as it relates to poetry 5 points group of answer choices Story Music origin author?

Story is a synonym for context in poetry. The fourth Thursday in March of the next year, 2020

Secondly, What is the synonym of context?

the current state of events in which things stand. Situation, setting, backdrop, and scene all refer to the same thing. the way the weather is; the way the environment is; how one feels; etc.

Also, What are context clues synonyms?

To use the term “synonym,” we imply a word that has the exact same connotation as another. When an author uses a similar term to a different word that you may not be familiar with, the author may employ a synonym as a context cue.

People also ask, What is an assonance poem?

Vowel rhyming, also known as assonance, is the recurrence of vowel sounds in a single line of text. In order to detect identical vowel sounds across words, they must be close enough together.

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Which of the following is the definition of genre?

Genre, as defined by the dictionary 1: a kind of artistic, musical, or literary creation defined by a certain style, form, or substance Kind, kind of. 3: a painting depicting everyday life, generally realistically.

What is the origin of the word genre?

As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, genre refers to any category of literature, music, or other kinds of art or entertainment based on some set of stylistic qualities, whether written or spoken, or auditory or visual.

What is context antonym?

The exact opposite of what you’re trying to convey. insignificance of the external cause

What are examples of context?

The words that surround the word “read,” which assist the reader discern the tense of the word, are an example of context. Shakespeare’s King Henry IV, for example, has a rich historical setting. In linguistics, the context in which a word or sentence is used to convey its significance.

What are the 4 types of context clues?

Context clues fall into one of four basic types: Restatements or clarifications of terms. Synonyms. Synonyms and antonyms. Please include examples or justifications for your position.

What are 5 types of context clues?

Five kinds of context cues are listed: Clues to the Definition/Explanation. Words and phrases are often explained just after they are used. Wordplay/Terminology Hints. A complex idea may be conveyed in a simple manner. Contrast/Antonym hints. Evidence derived from inference or the broader context. Punctuation.

What is the closest synonym for the word context quizlet?

Setting. What is the closest word to “context” that I can think of? The order has been given by a higher authority.

What does alliteration mean in poetry?

The objective of alliteration is to create a rhythmic, poetic, and/or emotional impact in a piece of writing by repeatedly using the same sound at the beginning of successive words.

What does hyperbole mean in poetry?

hyperbole is a figure of speech used to emphasize a point or to create a humorous impact by exaggerating its meaning. In love poetry, hyperbole is often employed to show the passionate adoration of the lover for his beloved.

What is personification in poetry?

Phenomenal images and descriptions result from the poetic device of personification, in which animals, plants and even inanimate objects are given human characteristics.

What is the meaning of genre in literature?

a certain form or category of literary creation, such as an epic, tragedy or comedy, a book or a short story, is referred to as a “genre” in French.

What is the definition of genre quizlet?

Define the termgenre.” Films with comparable qualities (myths, customs, and iconography) are grouped together in this category. Genre – The tale is told via the content (plot, character, setting)

What is traditional genre?

In relation to the Subgenre Oral literature is the ancestor of traditional literature. This genre includes myths, fables, epics, ballads, legends, folk rhymes, folktales, fairy tales, trickster tales, tall stories, cumulative tales, and why tales

What is the synonym of genre?

What is meant by poetry?

writing in which words are selected and organized for their meaning, tone, and rhythm to elicit a certain emotional reaction in the reader.

What is the best definition of film genre?

Based on the film’s narrative aspects, genres may be used to categorize movies. Each genre tells a different kind of story. Subgenres have emerged as a result of the morphing and shifting of genres over time. november 8th, 2020

Where did the word context originate from?

The Latin wordscontext” (meaning “together”) and “texere” (meaning “to weave”) are the root of the English term. As a result, the literal translation is “weaving together.”

What is the synonyms of diligent?

Assistive, active, hardworking, and sedulous are some of the most popular synonyms for diligent. There is a distinct difference between “diligent” and “actively engaged” when it comes to these terms.

What is the best synonym for injunction?

alternative words for “instruct” command.demand.dictate.exhortation.order.precept.word.enjoinder.

What is context in a story?

It is defined as the context in which a piece of literature is placed. Context helps convey the desired idea in a clearer and more meaningful way. Reading a literary work with context clues fosters a personal connection between the author and the reader, allowing the reader to better grasp the author’s goals and intentions.

What is the literary context of your story?

The past of a character may also be used as literary context to explain their behavior and personality, as well as to offer context for what is happening in the tale.


A synonym for context is a word or phrase that has the same meaning as another word or phrase. The word “context” is a noun that refers to the setting in which something happens, and it’s often used in relation to poetry, music, story and origin.

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