Who Has the Most Liked Video on Youtube Non Music?

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Since July 2017, Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” (left) featuring Daddy Yankee (right) has been the most popular video on YouTube, with over 47 million views as of January 2022.

Similarly, Who has the most liked non music video on YouTube 2020?

Rewind by PewDiePie is now the most popular non-music video on YouTube.

Also, it is asked, What was the first song to hit 1 billion views on YouTube?

On YouTube, the popular streaming site that debuted 15 years ago, just over 200 music videos have exceeded the one billion view threshold. In 2012, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” became the first video to exceed a billion views. Then there was Justin Bieber, who released “Baby” in 2015.

Secondly, Why is Despacito so popular?

Music writers have credited “Despacito” for re-popularizing Spanish-language pop music in the mainstream market. It’s a nice and romantic reggaeton and Latin pop song written in common time with lyrics about seeking a sexual connection.

Also, What is the most liked non-music video 2021?

Non-music videos with the highest views on YouTube in 2021 Dude Perfect’s Real Life Trick Shots 2 Summer Fun at the Beach with Talking Tom with Talking Angela (Shorts Combo) #YouTubeRewind | YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 Puppies rescued from the streets are constructing a mud house for dogs and a fish pond for red fish.

People also ask, What is the most viewed TikTok?

1) 2.2 billion views for Zach King’s Harry Potter illusion The uncontested King of mind-blowing TikToks is back with a new video. With 2.2 *BILLION* views, Zach presently holds the record for most watched TikTok video of all time.

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Who is the richest YouTuber?

MrBeast is the new No. 1 with record revenues, while Jake Paul, despite previous controversies, is in second place.

Who is the top YouTuber 2022?

Top 10 YouTubers in the United States in 2022 PewDiePie. There are 111 million subscribers. Part 1 of the Kids Diana Show about Minecraft. 93.2 million people have signed up for the service. MrBeast. There are 94.4 million subscribers. Nastya, for example. 90.7 million people have signed up for the service. Vlad and Niki are a couple. There are now 80.8 million subscribers. Dude, you’re perfect. There are 57.4 million subscribers. Ryan’s Place in the Universe. There are 32.4 million subscribers. SSSniperWolf. 31.3 million people have signed up for the service.

Is PewDiePie still number 1?

T-Series has had the most subscribers since the beginning of the year, with PewDiePie being the most subscribed YouTuber. PewDiePie, on the other hand, presently holds the record for the longest consecutive reign at number one, with 2,050 days (5 years and 7 months) in two distinct reigns.

Is there a YouTube video with 1 trillion views?

Chris Scullion is a British actor. The total number of views on Minecraft videos on YouTube has now topped 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000)

How old is Justin?

Justin Bieber (Ma)Justin Bieber (Ma)Justin Bieber (Ma)Justin Bieber (Ma)

What language is Despacito?


Who created Despacito?

“Despacito,” which was first sung by Puerto Rican artist Luis Fonsi and included reggaetón star Daddy Yankee, was created by Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, two multilingual Colombian producers, and was released in January.

Which YouTube video has most likes?


What is the most liked video on YouTube 2022 non music?

Baby Shark Dance is the most popular non-music video on YouTube. It becomes one of the most popular viral hits of its time as a children’s song, resulting in a dancing craze. On YouTube, the video for Baby Shark Dance has received 19 million views.

What was the first YouTube video?

I was at the zoo.

How many BTS songs hit 1 billion views?

BTS is the only musical group with six music videos that have received over one billion views. Below are some of BTS’ previous “billion breaker” music videos.

What was the first song to reach 1 billion?

Gangnam Style is a Korean pop music group.

What is the least watched video on YouTube?

YouTube has more videos. Despite being objectively unsuccessful, “NYC Subway: Canal Street Station” is more than ten times more popular than our eventual winner. This 30-second film, titled “Dinner,” by J. is the least popular YouTube video of all time, at least according to my unique criterion.

How much money do you get for 1 million views on TikTok?

There are, fortunately, methods to make additional money. You can find out how much tiktok pays for 1 million views right here. For every million views, the site will pay you about $50. Furthermore, you may be compensated for live performances.

What’s the most viral video on TikTok 2021?

Here are the top ten most popular TikTok videos of 2021. 5) 35.4 million Likes for Khaby Lame opening a door. 4) 36 million Likes for Khaby Lame opening a vehicle door. 3) Khaby Lame peeling a banana, which has 37.8 million Likes. 2) 44 million Likes for ToTouchAnEmu dancing to ‘STAY.’ 1) Nickelodeon’s Nick Luciano lip-syncing to “SugarCrash!”

Who hit 1 million subscribers the fastest?


What is the fastest 200 million MV?


What is the fastest K-pop music video to reach 1 billion views?

BLACKPINK’s music video for “How You Like That” exceeded 1 billion views on November 12, making it the quickest K-pop girl group music video to do so.

How old is MrBeast?

23 years old () Age / MrBeast

Who owns YouTube now?

Parent organization / GoogleYouTube Google LLC is a global technology business based in California that specializes in artificial intelligence, search engines, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics. Wikipedia

Do u get paid for YouTube?

The following features on YouTube may help you generate money: Revenue from advertising: Display, overlay, and video advertising may all help you earn money. Channel memberships: In return for specific privileges, your subscribers make recurring monthly fees.

Who was the first YouTuber?

Jawed Karim, who was also the creator of YouTube, was the first youtuber.


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