Who Produces Futures Music?

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Future’s prodigious production stems from solo and collaboration releases that complement his LPs. In 2015, he released the mixtapes Beast Mode (with Zaytoven), 56 Nights, and What a Time to Be Alive (featuring Drake), the latter of which included the hit “Jumpman.”

Similarly, Who produced futures albums?

A1 Recordings, Freebandz, and Epic Records published it in February. Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, DJ Khaled, The Beat Bully, Southside, and other 808 Mafia members such as DY, Fuse, Tarentino, and Tre Pounds all contributed to the album’s production.

Also, it is asked, Who owns Future music?

Anderson, Chris

Secondly, Is Future a producer?

Future is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn.

Also, Who has the most diamond certified albums?

Brooks, Garth

People also ask, Does Future write for Beyonce?

Although Future isn’t included in the song’s credits, he wrote the majority of the tune. Future recorded the song for his own album ‘Honest,’ but plans altered once Detail learned Beyonce was interested, according to the song’s producer Detail.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Future produce his own beats?

Nope. I compose my own music. You can’t sex to your own music.

Does Future own his music?

He currently runs Freebadz, his own record label. In the year 2012, he launched his first album. Pluto, his first album, was a huge hit. In 2014, he published his second album.

Who is Lil Double O signed to?

M Squad Entertainment Open Shift Distribution / Freebandz Entertainment 0 Lil Double

Is Metro Boomin a producer?

Metro Boomin (also known as Young Metro or just Metro) is an American record producer, record executive, and DJ who was born on September 8, chevalier. Raised in St. Louis

Who produced Hndrxx?

Cirkut David Nakaji Cicero

Has Jay Z ever went diamond?

Only seven hip hop albums have received the Diamond certification, which implies 10 million certified album units sold in the United States. While Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, and Dr. Dre have received several awards, they have yet to achieve this milestone in their careers.

Does Drake have a diamond album?

Drake has yet to release a Diamond album (one that has sold 10 million or more copies), but his song “God’s Plan” has done so.

Did Michael Jackson go diamond?

Michael Jackson is the most recent member of the club, having received diamond certification for his album Bad, which was released just under three decades ago.

What songs did Future wrote for Beyoncé?

Future composed some of the tunes for Beyoncé’s hit “Drunk in Love,” although his name is not included in the song’s credits. What causes anything like that to occur? Future told MTV News that it has a lot to do with the song’s producer, Detail.

Who wrote formation by Beyoncé?

Mike WiLL Made-ItBeyoncéSwae LeeSlim JxmmiA +

Who wrote bodak yellow?

Lacquan GreenKodak BlackCardi BPardison FontaineJ. White

Who makes Jay-Z beats?

Dr. Dre was a rapper as well as a DJ and producer for N.W.A. He went on to have a solo career, going platinum three times with The Chronic and six times with 2001. He formed Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics, and is now hip-second hop’s wealthiest man, after only Jay-Z.

Who is the best rap producers right now?

Below is a list of their contributions to the game this year. The Creator, Tyler. When it comes to rapping and producing, Tyler, The Creator is a two-headed dragon. D’Mile. This year, D’Mile has begun carrying his duffel bag. Chahayed, Rogét WU10. Energetic Beats The Alchemist is a fictional character. Wheezy.\sDY Krazy

Who does Jay-Z produce?

In the United States, the EP sold over a million copies. The Rising Tied, the first album by Fort Minor, the hip hop side project of Linkin Park musician Mike Shinoda, was executive produced by Jay-Z.

Who wrote Blueberry Yum Yum?

Brown, Sleepy FutureRico WadeLudacris Murray, Ray

Who wrote Loveeee song?

Denisia AndrewsRihannaFuture

How much is Future?

Future Asset Value $40 million net worth Year of Birth: (38 years old) Gender:Male 6 feet 2 inches tall (1.88 m) Rapper, singer-songwriter, and musical artist 1 more row

Who is the AR for Columbia Records?

Rani Hancock is returning to Sony Music as executive vice president and director of A&R for Columbia Records, almost four years after she was elected president of Warner Music’s Sire Records.

Who is Joey Arbagey?

Joey Arbagey is a global citizen and philanthropist who has repeatedly used his riches to generate funds for animal welfare, health, disaster and humanitarian assistance, the environment, the arts, and education.

Who is the senior director of A&R at Epic Records?

Senior Dalia Glickman

Does Beyoncé own her masters?

“Beyoncé owns her masters and has only leased her songs to Sony since 4 https:/Viat.co/Fu7qMvf44K” / Twitter, according to jy.

Who owns Eminem’s Masters?

After his joint firm Sony/ATV paid $370 million for the publishing company Famous Music, Michael Jackson now owns the rights to Eminem’s back catalog.

Does Rihanna own her masters?

Rihanna. According to Vogue, after completing her Def Jam contract and launching her Westbury Road Entertainment imprint on Universal’s Roc Nation label, the “Love on the Brain” singer obtained the masters of all of her prior albums.

How old is NLE?

19 years (Novem) Choppa NLE / Age

Is Adele executive producer of Euphoria?

Euphoria’s executive producer is AdelFutureNur.

Who has the best producer tag?

Here are the top 25 hip-hop producer tags, without further ado: “Buddah, bless this beat,” says Buddah. “Cardo has wings,” says Cardo. “Mike Will Made-It,” says Mike WiLL. “Cannon!” exclaims Don Cannon. “Sonny Digital,” says Sonny. “Southside on the track, definitely,” says Southside. “Jahlil Beats, holla at me,” says Jahlil Beats.


Future is an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer. He has produced beats for artists such as Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Beyoncé. Future also released a collaborative album with Drake titled What A Time To Be Alive in 2015.

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Future Music, is a music company that was founded in the year 2000. The company produces several genres of music including hip-hop and R&B. Future has had over 400 million hits on YouTube, so it’s safe to say they’re doing pretty well. Reference: how many hits does future have.

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