Why Cant I Listen to Donda on Apple Music?

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Why isn’t this album available on Apple Music? Apple Music seems to have erased Donda’s prior version and replaced it with a new one. Several social media users have complained that portions of the album’s songs have been modified, and that they have been unable to access the album for some time.

Similarly, Why can t I play Donda on Apple Music?

What you should know. Kanye West is canceling his subscriptions to Apple Music and Spotify. Donda 2′ will only be accessible on the artist’s own Stem Player platform, according to him. The Stem Player is a $200 remix gadget that West sells.

Also, it is asked, Can I listen to Donda on Apple Music?

Donda 2 will be exclusive to my own Stem Player platform. It’s not available on Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or YouTube.

Secondly, Can I listen to Donda 2 on Apple Music?

It won’t be available on major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal, but only on West’s own Stem Player gadget.

Also, How can I listen to Kanye Donda on Apple Music?

According to the story, the Donda event will take place on Thursday, August 26 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT at Soldier Field stadium in Chicago. The livestream should be available on Apple Music through the Music app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV for users all around the globe.

People also ask, Why is Donda not out on Spotify?

22 — will be exclusive to his Stem Player listening gadget, not streaming platforms. Ye detailed his decision in a flurry of Instagram postings Thursday night, blaming streaming services of lowering the value of music. “Donda 2 will only be offered on my Stem Player platform.

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How do I stream Donda 2?

Donda 2 will also be accessible only via the new Stem Player, which costs $214.50. “Not on Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or YouTube,” Ye said last week on Instagram. “Today, artists get just 12% of the revenue generated by the business.

Is Donda 2 not on Apple Music?

In an Instagram post, West said that the upcoming “Donda 2″ album will not be accessible on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, or YouTube. Instead, “Donda 2″ will be accessible on the Stem Player, a music-playing gadget introduced by West with “Donda” last year.

Will Donda 2 actually drop?

The 44-year-old rapper revealed the album’s release date in late January, and fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Donda 2 will be released on February 14, which is Kim’s late father Robert Kardashian Srbirthday. .’s

Is Donda Deluxe on Apple Music?

DONDA (Deluxe) by Kanye West is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Why are there two Donda albums on Apple Music?

Kanye West stunned the world this week by announcing that his new album would not be accessible on Apple Music or Spotify. That’s because, with Donda 2, he’ll be releasing his own “platform” and gadget dubbed Stem Player. “Donda 2 will only be offered on my Stem Player platform.

How many streams does Donda have on Apple Music?

60 Million

How can I listen to Donda?

The DONDA 2 loaded Stem Player is available now only on the Stem Player website for $200 USD.

Is Donda available?

Only my own platform, the stem player, will be broadcasting Donda 2. New music is available for download at stemplayer.com. Vocals, drums, bass, and melody are the four aspects of the track that you may perform. It also has an MP3 player.

What platforms is Donda on?

Kanye West has revealed that his new album, Donda 2, will be available to listen exclusively on his Stem platform.

Has Kanye dropped Donda 2 yet?

Kanye West has released 16 tracks from his new album and Donda sequel Donda 2, which is accessible only via West’s Donda Stem Player, as promised.

Is the Donda stem player limited?

The new record is only accessible on the Stem Player, a portable speaker and audio player distributed in limited quantities during the doomed launch of West’s debut project titled for his late mother (which is nominated for “Album of the Year” at the 2022 Grammys).

Does Stem Player come with Donda 2?

While new Stem purchases seem to come preloaded with 2019’s Jesus Is King, last year’s Donda, and Donda 2, anybody who bought the gadget last year may transfer the Donda 2 tracks — or others — using their computer and a USB-C cord. At the time of his Feb.

Why is Donda 2 on Stem Player?

It came pre-loaded with DONDA, but with the release of DONDA 2, West shook the musical paradigm by foregoing typical digital service providers like Spotify and Apple Music in favor of releasing the album only on the Stem Player.

What does Donda Deluxe include?

Five additional tracks are included in the Deluxe edition. ‘Up From the Ashes,’ Remote Control Pt 2′, ‘Never Abandon Your Family,’ ‘Keep My Spirit Alive Pt 2′, and ‘Life of the Party’ are the titles of the songs. The last track is a collaboration with André 3000, an Atlanta rapper and composer.

What is different about Donda Deluxe?

The deluxe version of Kanye West’s newest album Donda has been released. The album’s new edition features five new songs and a revised running order from the original, which was published in August. The deluxe version has 32 songs in total and runs for nearly two hours.

Why is Kanye mad at Apple?

“I rejected down a hundred million dollar Apple offer” after 10 albums under ten contracts, according to West. He slammed Apple and others, claiming that they had made music “practically free” and that musicians couldn’t make money unless they went on tour or sold merchandise.

Why is Donda not on Billboard?

Kanye West’s DONDA 2 album was found ineligible for Billboard rankings earlier this week. The album has broken Billboard’s merchandise bundling rules since it is only accessible on the Stem Player. Albums sold with products are not eligible for the charts, according to the regulation.

How many streams Donda?

Donda received 33.4 million streams in total over its 27 songs. Following 2007’s Graduation and 2013’s Yeezus, Kanye’s third UK No. 1 record, Donda, was named for his late mother. With 27 tracks and over 109 minutes, Donda is the longest album to top the charts this decade.

Is Donda on Spotify?

Kanye West has confirmed that his Donda 2 album will be exclusive to his Stem Player streaming platform. The rapper, who has officially changed his name to Ye, updated fans on the album’s release on Instagram on Friday morning, adding that it will not be available on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, or YouTube.

How can I watch Donda live stream?

Kanye West’s Donda 2 live stream is only available in cinemas. Your ticket enables you to see the Donda event in IMAX as it unfolds live from Miami. The rapper hasn’t said if he’ll be live-streaming the Donda 2 event.

How much money did Kanye make on Donda 2?

Kanye West is said to have made $2 million on the sale of Donda 2′ on the Stem Player Device. Kanye West might be a “jeen-yuhs” after all. According to figures posted on the musician’s social media, Yeezy has worked out a new method for musicians to profit from music streaming purchases.

How does the Donda stem player work?

The compact disc-shaped gadget functions as a little MP3 player that divides music into’stems.’ Listeners may change the voices, drums, and bass, as well as isolate track elements and apply effects, using the touch-sensitive controls.

How long does the Donda stem player take to ship?

‘I can’t afford to listen to Donda 2,’ wrote a fourth enthusiast. The delivery of the Stem Player will take three months.

How many stem players did Kanye sell?

The rapper has chosen to distribute Donda 2 solely via $200 Stem Players, eschewing big music channels such as Apple Music ($100 million) and Spotify. Ye reportedly sold 11,000 pieces of the Stem player in the first 24 hours of its availability, generating $2.2 million in sales.

How do you add Donda 2 to Stem Player?

To get the music, connect the Stem Player to your computer and browse to stemplayer.com to sync the new tunes. “Donda 2 will only be accessible on my own platform, the Stem Player,” Kanye recently posted on Instagram, explaining why he chose to distribute songs on his own gadget rather than via streaming platforms.


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