Winston Makes Techno Music on New Girl

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We all know that Winston is a bit of a music aficionado on New Girl, but did you know that he also dabbles in techno? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best techno tracks that Winston has produced on the show.

Winston’s musical talent is introduced in the episode

In the episode, “Winston’s Birthday”, Winston’s musical talent is introduced. He is shown playing the techno song he composed on his laptop in the club. Later in the episode, he plays the same song at a club where Schmidt is trying to pick up girls.

Winston begins making techno music

On the latest episode of New Girl, Winston (Lamorne Morris) finally fulfills his lifelong dream of making techno music. The result is a track called “Let’s Get Physical,” which he produces under the name “DJ Fingers.”

The episode sees Winston struggling to find his place in the loft after moving back in with Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and the gang. He initially tries to help Schmidt (Max Greenfield) with his new business venture, but quickly realizes that he’s not cut out for the corporate world. He then turns to his true passion: music.

After a few failed attempts at making traditional genres like country and rap, Winston finally settles on techno. He spends days locked in his room, perfecting his sound, and the result is a track that is both catchy and incredibly danceable.

“Let’s Get Physical” is sure to get stuck in your head, but it also has a deeper meaning for Winston. In the song, he references his time in prison and how music was one of the things that helped him get through it. This provides a nice moment of introspection amidst all the fun and dancing.

If you’re a fan of techno music or just want to see Winston succeed, be sure to check out “Let’s Get Physical” on New Girl.

The other characters react to Winston’s music

While the other characters are never seen dancing or enjoying the music, they all clearly have a unanimous respect for Winston’s musical talent. In one episode, Schmidt even goes so far as to say that Winston’s music is “the good kind of weird.”

Winston’s music is used in the episode’s climax

Near the end of the episode, when Jess and Nick are having their big fight, Winston’s music is used in the background. It’s a techno song that builds in intensity as Jess and Nick’s argument gets more and more heated. The use of Winston’s music in this scene is significant because it shows how much his passion for music has grown since we first met him on the show. He’s no longer just making silly songs for his friends to laugh at – he’s making real, honest-to-goodness techno music that can be used in emotional scenes like this one.

Winston’s music is praised by the other characters

Winston’s music is praised by the other characters on the show for its complex and interesting composition. In one episode, Schmidt even goes so far as to say that it’s music that you can “feel in your bones.”

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