WQXR: The Best Classical Music Station in New York

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WQXR is the best place to find classical music in New York. They play the latest and greatest classical hits, as well as some timeless classics.


WQXR is the best classical music station in New York. It’s the only station that broadcasts exclusively classical music, and it has a wide range of programming, from live concerts to interviews with musicians.

The station is owned by WNYC, the city’s public radio station, and it’s a member of National Public Radio. WQXR has won numerous awards, including the Peabody Award and the New York Press Club Award.

If you’re a classical music fan, you should definitely check out WQXR.

What is WQXR?

WQXR is New York City’s only all-classical music radio station, broadcasting on 105.9 FM. It’s the most-listened-to classical music station in the country, reaching more than 650,000 listeners every week.

The Best Classical Music Station in New York

WQXR is the best classical music station in New York. It’s easy to find on your radio dial at 105.9 FM, and it’s also available online and on the free WQXR app.

WQXR is owned by New York Public Radio and is part of the National Public Radio network. NPR’s classical music programming is among the best in the world, and WQXR brings you the very best of it.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of classical music or just getting started, WQXR has something for you. Tune in for live concerts, recordings of great classical works, interviews with top musicians, and more.

WQXR’s History

WQXR is a radio station in New York City specializing in classical music. It is owned by Univision Radio and operated by WNYC Radio, a public radio station owned by the city of New York.

WQXR was founded in 1936 by John V.L. Hogan, who also owned WOR, a successful commercial radio station. Hogan originally intended WQXR to be a simulcast of WOR, but eventually made it a separate station with its own programming.

The first broadcast on WQXR was of a concert by the New York Philharmonic, which had been recorded the previous day. The station soon became known for its live broadcasts of concerts and opera performances. In its early years, WQXR was also notable for its daytime broadcasts of “serious music”, which were aimed at an educated listenership.

In the 1960s, WQXR began to add more popular classical music programs to its schedule, in order to attract a wider audience. In 1968, the station was sold to Metropolitan Broadcasting (now ABC Radio), and became known as WOR-FM. In 1970, the station’s call letters were changed to WABC-FM.

In 1983, WABC-FM was sold to Immaculate Heart Radio, a Catholic radio network. The station’s call letters were changed back to WQXR-FM, and it began airing a mostly classical music format once again. In 1992, WQXR-FM was sold to Univision Radio. The station’s call letters were changed back to WABC-FM in 1994; however, Univision continued to air classical music on the station until 1999, when the format was dropped in favor of Spanish language programming.

In 2009, Univision announced that it would sell WABC-FM to WNYC Radio for $45 million. The sale was completed on October 8, 2009; as part of the deal, Univision agreed to keep classical music on WABC-FM for at least three years. On October 12, 2009, the station’s call letters were changed back to WQXR-FM; two days later, on October 14th at 4 PM EDT / 1 PM PDT / 10 AM GMT / 5 AM EDT (9/8 AM CDT), after playing Franz Liszt’s ” Liebestraum No 3 “, WNYC relaunched 105.9 as an all-classical outlet with new branding as “105.9 FM – QXR: New York’s Classical Music Station”.

WQXR Today

WQXR is New York Public Radio’s all-classical music station, broadcasting live on 105.9 FM HD-2 and online at wqxr.org. WQXR presents new and landmark classical recordings as well as live concerts from Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. WQXR also produces original podcasts, provides in-depth artist profiles, features new music releases and breaking classical music news, and curates exclusive playlists.

Why WQXR is the Best Classical Music Station in New York

WQXR is the best classical music station in New York for a number of reasons. First, it has the widest variety of classical music programming of any station in the city. Second, its signal is available both online and on FM radio, so you can always listen no matter where you are. Finally, its staff is incredibly knowledgeable about classical music and is always happy to help listeners find the right piece of music for their mood or occasion.


WQXR is the best classical music station in New York for a number of reasons. It has a wide range of programming, from traditional to contemporary music, and it features both local and national artists. The station is also committed to educational programming, and it offers a variety of musical events throughout the year.

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