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Anthony Brown is one of the most popular gospel music artists on YouTube. His channel features a mix of live performances, music videos, and behind-the-scenes footage.


Anthony Brown is an American gospel music singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. He is best known as a member of the gospel music group Commissioned during the 1990s. As a solo artist, he has released eleven albums, including three number-one albums on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart. In 2014, he formed the group Anthony Brown and group therAPy. The group’s debut album, Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship, was released on January 27, 2015 and debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart. His second album with the group, A Long Way from Sunday, was released on August 11, 2017 and also debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart.

Anthony Brown’s Gospel Music on YouTube

Anthony Brown is a well-known Gospel singer who has produced many popular songs. His music is uplifting and inspiring, and he has a large following on YouTube. Many of his videos have been viewed millions of times, and he has a huge fan base.


Anthony Brown is an American gospel singer, songwriter, and music producer. Brown has released eleven albums, mainly through his label Key of A Music Group. Brown was nominated for five Grammy Awards at the 59th ceremony, winning Best Gospel Album and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song for his album Everyday Jesus.

Brown’s YouTube channel features songs from his albums, as well as lyric videos, live performances, and behind-the-scenes footage. Some of his most popular videos include “Worth” (over 4 million views), ” Bless the Lord ” (over 3 million views), and ” I Got That” (over 2 million views).

In February 2020, Brown announced that he had begun working on a new album. The album is set to be released in 2021.


While many people think of gospel music as happy and upbeat, there is a strong tradition of testifying in the genre as well. Testifying in gospel music means sharing your personal story of how God has worked in your life, and it is often seen as a way to give glory to God and testify to His goodness.

Anthony Brown is a popular gospel artist who is known for his testimony songs. On his YouTube channel, you can find a number of songs that Brown has written about his own personal testimony. These songs are powerful and moving, and they offer a glimpse into the heart of this talented artist.

If you’re looking for something different in gospel music, be sure to check out Anthony Brown’s testimony songs on YouTube. You’ll be glad you did!

“Best of Me”

Anthony Brown is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has released multiple hits since his start in 2006. His most recent album, “A Long Way from Home”, debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart. Some of his most popular songs include “Blessings on Me”, “I Got That”, and “Worth”.

If you’re looking for a place to start with Anthony Brown’s music, you can’t go wrong with his YouTube channel. Here you’ll find videos of him performing some of his best-loved songs, as well as interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.


Here’s a look at some of the best gospel music by Anthony Brown that you can find on YouTube. If you’re a fan of gospel music, or looking for something new to try, this is a great place to start.

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