Cece Winans Delivers Powerful Gospel Music on YouTube

Cece Winans is an American gospel singer who has won numerous awards for her work. She has released several gospel music albums and has a large following on YouTube.


Cece Winans is a legendary figure in the world of gospel music, and she has been entertaining and inspiring fans for decades. Recently, she took to YouTube to share some of her music with a new generation of fans.

Winans has released several popular albums over the years, including her debut solo album, Alone in His Presence, which was awarded a Grammy for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album in 1996. She has also won numerous other awards, including multiple Dove Awards and a Stellar Award.

In recent years, Winans has focused on mentoring young artists and helping to develop the next generation of gospel talent. She has also been involved in several philanthropic endeavors, including working with the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Now, with her YouTube channel, Winans is bringing her music to a whole new audience. Her channel features live performances, music videos, and interviews with the artist herself. Fans can also get an inside look at her creative process, as she offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her music.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Cece Winans or you’re just discovering her work for the first time, be sure to check out her YouTube channel for some truly powerful gospel music.

Early Life and Career

CeCe Winans was bornPriscilla Marie Winans on October 8, 1964, in Detroit, Michigan. Her father, David F. Winans Sr., was a minister at New Bethel Baptist Church, where the family often sang together. Winans was one of 10 children and began singing in the church choir as a child. When she was 15 years old, she recorded her first single,”Oh How I Love Jesus,” with her brother BeBe. The song became a local hit and led to CeCe and BeBe recording an album together entitled Lord Lift Us Up (1985).

After high school, CeCe attended Hunter College in New York City on a vocal scholarship. She later transferred to Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, where she earned a degree in communications. While attending college, CeCe continued to pursue her music career, singing backup for artists such as Whitney Houston, Nancy Wilson and Patti LaBelle. She also released a solo album entitled Alone in His Presence (1987).

In 1988, CeCe and BeBe signed with PBS Records and released their first album together entitled Heaven. The album was an immediate success, selling more than two million copies and earning Grammy Awards for Best Gospel Performance by a Duo or Group and Best Soul Gospel Performance by a Duo or Group. The follow-up album Different Lifestyles (1991) was also successful, selling more than one million copies.

In the mid-1990s, CeCe began working with other artists outside of the gospel genre, including R&B singer Whitney Houston on the soundtrack for The Bodyguard (1992) and rapper Puff Daddy on his debut album No Way Out (1997). She also released two more solo albums,his Time (1995) and Alabaster Box (1999), which both received critical acclaim.

Winans’ Gospel Music on YouTube

Cece Winans, a beloved American gospel singer, has been thrilling audiences with her powerful voice and moving lyrics for decades. And now, fans can enjoy her music on YouTube.

Winans’ Gospel Music on YouTube offers a wide selection of religious and spiritual songs that are sure to inspire and uplift listeners. The channel features music videos of Winans performing some of her most popular hits, as well as live performances and interviews.

Whether you’re looking for a moving ballad or an upbeat anthem, Cece Winans’ Gospel Music on YouTube has something for everyone. So check it out today and see why she is one of the most respected voices in gospel music.


After watching Winans perform, it is evident that she is extremely passionate about her music and shares a strong connection with her fans. She has a powerful voice that is able to convey the emotion in her songs and she delivers them with conviction. Her performance style is engaging and her stage presence is commanding. She is definitely an artist to watch and we look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

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