Rance Allen: A Gospel Music Legend on YouTube

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Rance Allen is a gospel music legend who got his start on YouTube. Learn more about his life and career in this blog post.

Rance Allen

Rance Allen is a gospel music legend who has been making hits for over five decades. He has been awarded five Grammys and has been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. His YouTube channel has over a hundred thousand subscribers and his videos have been viewed over five million times.

Rance Allen Group

The Rance Allen Group is an American gospel music group from Monroe, Michigan formed in 1968. The group originally consisted of brothers Tom, Steve and Rance Allen. The Allen brothers began singing together as children in their church choir. They later formed a group with their cousin, Anthony Burger, called “The Soul Stirrers”. The Soul Stirrers were a highly influential gospel group that helped to shape the sound of contemporary gospel music.

The Rance Allen Group’s sound is a unique blend of traditional gospel, soul and R&B. Their songs are characterized by tight harmonies, infectious grooves and soulful vocals. The group has released twelve albums, including three live albums. They have charted eight singles on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs chart, including two number-one hits: “Ain’t No Need of Crying” and “I Belong to You”.

The Rance Allen Group has been nominated for four Grammy Awards and five Dove Awards. In 2014, they were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

The Rance Allen Show

As a minister, recording artist, and television show host, Rance Allen has had a profound impact on the music industry for over 50 years. The Rance Allen Show, which he hosted from 1974 to 1979, was one of the first syndicated gospel music programs in the country. His unique blend of rhythm and blues, jazz, and traditional gospel music was a hit with audiences of all ages, and the show helped to break down barriers between different genres of music.

Allen continued to record and release new music throughout his career, and he was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2015. Today, his work is still being discovered by new audiences thanks to YouTube. His most popular videos include live performances of his hits “I’ve Been Changed” and “Praise Him,” which have been viewed millions of times.

As someone who has preached the Gospel through his music for many years, Rance Allen is an inspiration to many YouTube viewers who are looking for hope and encouragement. His message is clear: no matter what life throws your way, God is always there to help you through it.

Gospel Music

Rance Allen is a gospel music legend who has been making music for over 50 years. He is known for his soulful voice and his ability to cross over into different genres of music. He has been a pioneer in the gospel music industry and has influenced many other artists.

Allen’s musical influences

As a teenager, Rance Allen was greatly influenced by James Brown and the music of Motown. These musical styles can be heard in his early recordings with The Rance Allen Group, particularly on the album Truth Is. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Allen said that he was also inspired by the work of Sam Cooke and Ray Charles.

Allen’s impact on Gospel music

Gospel music legend Rance Allen has died at the age of 71, his publicist said Sunday.

The singer-songwriter and musician from Monroe, Michigan, who found success with The Rance Allen Group in the early 1970s, passed away Saturday night at a hospital in Toledo, Ohio, according to publicist Opal Allen.

The cause of death was not immediately released.

Rance Allen was born on this day in 1948 in Tupelo, Mississippi. He was one of 12 children. His father was a Pentecostal minister, and gospel music was a big part of his upbringing.

He moved to Monroe in his teens, and it was there that he formed The Rance Allen Group with his brothers Tom and Steve. They recorded their first album, “A Message from the Messenger,” in 1972.

The group went on to record a string of hits throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including “I Belong to You,” “Something About the Way You Love Me,” “Hold On,” and “Can’t Shake This Feeling.”

In recent years, Allen had been performing with his sons Damion and Franky as The Rance Allen Group featuring The Sons of Timothy. Their most recent album, ” Unleashed,” was released in 2017.

Allen was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2015.


Rance Allen is a Gospel Music Legend on YouTube. With over 38,000 subscribers and over 6.8 million views, he is one of the most popular and well-known Gospel Music artists on YouTube. Rance Allen has been making music for over 50 years and his passion for music shines through in his videos.

Allen’s YouTube channel

Rance Allen is a gospel music legend who has been making music for more than 50 years. In recent years, he has been sharing his music on YouTube, and his channel has become a go-to destination for gospel music fans.

Allen’s YouTube channel features a mix of live performances, music videos, and commentary videos. His live performances are particularly popular, as they showcase his incredible vocal talents and stage presence. Fans also love the music videos, which provide a visual accompaniment to some of his most popular songs.

The commentary videos are a newer addition to Allen’s channel, but they are quickly gaining popularity. In these videos, Allen discusses current events and topics related to the gospel music industry. He offers his insights and perspectives on a variety of subjects, and fans appreciate getting his take on the latest news in the world of gospel music.

Allen’s YouTube videos

Rance Allen is a gospel music legend, and you can find many of his videos on YouTube. This playlist includes some of his most popular songs, including “Something About the Name Jesus,” “I Belong to You,” and “Ain’t No Need of Crying.”


As a Gospel music legend, Rance Allen has been entertaining and inspiring audiences for decades with his uplifting and soulful melodies. His latest album, “The Rance Allen Group Live in Nashville”, debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart, making him the oldest artist to ever achieve this feat.

Fans can watch Rance Allen perform his hits “Something About the Name Jesus” and “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” on YouTube. His passion for music and God is evident in every performance, and he continues to be a powerful force in the Gospel music world.

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