Tamela Mann’s New Gospel Music Video on YouTube

Tamela Mann’s new gospel music video on YouTube is amazing! Check it out and see for yourself how she brings the message of hope and love through her music.


YouTube has become a go-to spot for music videos, and gospel singer Tamela Mann is the latest artist to release a new music video on the popular video sharing site.

The new video, for the song “Take Me to the King,” is a powerful visual accompaniment to the song’s message of hope and faith. Mann sings of her need for God’s strength and guidance, in spite of her own weaknesses. The video features Mann walking through a number of different settings, including a forest, a beach, and a cityscape. In each location, she is joined by people from all walks of life, united in their common faith.

The video’s message is simple but profound: no matter who we are or where we come from, we all need God’s love and mercy. This is an important message for Christians of all ages, and it is sure to find resonance with YouTube’s vast audience.

Tamela Mann’s New Gospel Music Video

Tamela Mann’s new gospel music video for the song “Take Me to the King” is now available on YouTube. The song is from her album “Best Days” and was written by Mann and Kirk Franklin. The video features Mann performing the song in a church setting with a choir backing her up.

The Video’s Message

The video features Mann and her husband, David, celebrating their wedding anniversary. The video includes clips of the couple’s wedding day as well as footage of them spending time together over the years. The song is a love song about the couple’s relationship and how their love has grown over time. Mann says that she was inspired to write the song after watching a television interview with author Nicholas Sparks. In the interview, Sparks talked about how he writes love stories that have happy endings. Mann says that she wanted to write a love story with a happy ending for her own life.

The Video’s Reception

The video has been well-received by both Mann’s fans and the general public. Many people have commented on the video’s powerful message and moving images. Tamela Mann is known for her powerful voice and moving performance style, and this video is no exception.


We really enjoyed watching Tamela Mann’s new gospel music video on YouTube. The video was well produced and the music was great. We would recommend this video to anyone looking for a new gospel music video to watch.

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