Zim Gospel Music Videos: The Best of 2015

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A look at the best Zim Gospel music videos of 2015. These videos showcase the amazing talent and creativity of Zimbabwean Gospel artists.


It’s been an amazing year for Gospel music in Zimbabwe, with some truly standout tracks emerging. Here, we take a look at some of the best Zimbabwe Gospel Music Videos of 2015.

List of videos

The music of Zimbabwe has been shaped by many influences. Gospel music is a very popular genre in Zimbabwe, with many different artists creating beautiful and moving songs. Here is a list of some of the best Zimbabwe gospel music videos from 2015.

Video 1

The first video on our list is from prominent Zimbabwean gospel singer Charles Charamba. The song, titled “Ndimambo,” is a traditional Mbira tune that Charamba has modernized with his unique style. In the music video, he is performing at what appears to be a large outdoor gathering with other musicians. The video was shot in black and white, which gives it a classic look.

Video 2

Video 2 features the soulful sounds of Zim Gospel music. Performed by some of the genre’s best artists, this video is sure to get your toes tapping and your spirit lifted.

Video 3

Video 3 features the song “Nguwe” by Pastor T.B. Joshua. The song is a prayer for guidance and protection, and encourages listeners to put their trust in God.


The Zim Gospel Music Videos: The Best of 2015 was a great video compilation of the best Gospel songs of 2015. The video had great production value, and the songs were performed by some of the best Gospel singer in Zimbabwe. The video was a great way to end the year, and it is definitely worth watching again.

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