4.48 Psychosis: The Opera That Will Change Your Life

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4.48 Psychosis is a chamber opera by Philip Venables that will change your life. The work is based on the Sarah Kane play of the same name.


“4.48 Psychosis: The Opera That Will Change Your Life” is an experimental opera by British composer Sarah Kane. The title refers to the time of day when Kane took her own life. The opera was originally written as a play, but was later adapted for the stage.

The opera is based on Kane’s own experiences with mental illness and her struggles with suicidal thoughts. The story follows a woman who is in a psychiatric hospital and is trying to come to terms with her illness. The opera is nonlinear, and the characters often break the fourth wall to address the audience directly.

4.48 Psychosis: The Opera That Will Change Your Life is a powerful and moving work that offers insight into the mind of someone suffering from mental illness. The opera will leave you feeling changed, and perhaps even more compassionate towards those who are struggling with similar issues.

What is 4.48 Psychosis?

4.48 Psychosis is an opera by British composer Philip Venables based on the play of the same name by Sarah Kane. The opera was commissioned by Royal Opera House and first performed there in 2017.

4.48 Psychosis is one of the most important operas of our time. It is intense, harrowing and deeply moving. It is also one of the few operas to deal directly with mental illness, in this case psychosis. The title refers to the time of day when Kane took her own life.

The opera follows the thoughts and experience of a woman in the grip of psychosis. It is often said that Kane’s play is about love and death, but it is also about mental illness, how it can feel and how it can be treated. The opera does not shy away from the dark side of mental illness, but it also shows its hope and possibility for redemption.

4.48 Psychosis is an important work for our time, and it will surely change your life if you see it.

The Plot of 4.48 Psychosis

4.48 Psychosis is a play by Sarah Kane. The play is set in a mental hospital and deals with the experience of mental illness from the perspective of the patients.

The plot of 4.48 Psychosis is linear, but fragmented. The play consists of a series of monologues and conversations between the patients, doctors, and nurses. The monologues are often disconnected from each other, and the play does not have a traditional beginning, middle, and end.

The title 4.48 Psychosis refers to the time of day when Kane attempted to commit suicide. The play is a glimpse into the mind of someone who is struggling with mental illness, and it is an honest and unflinching portrayal of the experience.

The Characters of 4.48 Psychosis

In Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis, the characters are unnamed and their identities are not specified. The playwright intended for the play to be performed without specifying the genders of the characters, giving directors and actors freedom to create their own interpretation.

Some productions of the play have chosen to cast all women, some have cast all men, and some have opted for a mix of genders. The use of gender-neutral pronouns throughout the text further adds to the ambiguity of the characters’ identities.

While the specifics of the characters’ backgrounds are left up to interpretation, certain elements of their lives are hinted at throughout the play. It is clear that the characters are struggling with mental illness, isolation, and a sense of hopelessness. They long for connection and intimacy, but find themselves unable to reach out.

The characters in 4.48 Psychosis are complex and multi-dimensional, providing plenty of opportunity for actors to create richly textured performances. Whether you see the play performed with all men, all women, or a mix of genders, you’re sure to be affected by this powerful work.

The Music of 4.48 Psychosis

The music of 4.48 Psychosis is abrasive, atonal, and deliberately difficult to listen to. It is also some of the most beautiful and moving music you will ever hear.

The opera is based on the play of the same name by Sarah Kane, who committed suicide shortly after its premiere. The play is a searing exploration of mental illness, and the music mirrors this darkness. The opera was composed by Philip Venables, who also wrote the libretto.

The score calls for an orchestra of just 14 instruments, including two pianos, two percussionists, and a string quartet. But it also makes use of recorded sounds, including speech and white noise.

4.48 Psychosis is not an easy opera to watch or listen to. But it is an important work that will change the way you think about mental illness and its treatment.

The Message of 4.48 Psychosis

4.48 Psychosis is a pivotal work in the genre of mental health opera. It tells the story of a woman struggling with mental illness, and her journey towards recovery. The opera is set to an arresting and powerful score, which heightens the emotional impact of the story. The work was created by a team of leading mental health experts, and it has been performed to critical acclaim around the world.


4.48 Psychosis: The Opera That Will Change Your Life is a captivating, emotionally charged work that is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who see it. This ambitious and thought-provoking opera tackles the difficult subject of mental illness with sensitivity and intelligence, and the result is a truly powerful and moving experience. If you are looking for an opera that will challenge your perceptions and make you think, then 4.48 Psychosis: The Opera That Will Change Your Life is the one for you.

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