African Folk Trilogy Sheet Music for Clarinet – Very Easy to Play

Looking for some new and exciting music to play on your clarinet? Check out our African Folk Trilogy sheet music! This music is very easy to play, and is perfect for beginners.


African Folk Trilogy is a delightful collection of three easy African folk songs arranged for clarinet quartet or solo clarinet with three accompaniments. The lively rhythms and tuneful melodies of these folksongs will be a joy to play and are sure to delight your audiences. This arrangement is very easy to play and makes a great addition to any clarinetist’s repertoire.

The Three Pieces

“The Orphan’s Lullaby”

“The Orphan’s Lullaby” is a folk song from Africa. It is a part of a trilogy of songs called “The Three Pieces.” This lullaby is very easy to play, and it is perfect for beginner clarinetists.

“The Hunter’s Song”

“The Hunter’s Song” is the first of three pieces in African Folk Trilogy, a work composed by Nigerian-American composer Ifeoma Onyefulu. The piece is written for clarinet and is very easy to play. The Hunter’s Song is a traditional Nigerian folk song that tells the story of a hunter who goes out into the woods to hunt for food.

“The Wedding Dance”

“The Wedding Dance” is the first piece in the African Folk Trilogy sheet music for clarinet. This easy to play piece is perfect for beginner clarinetists, and features a simple, yet catchy melody.


African Folk Trilogy Sheet Music for Clarinet is a very easy to play and enjoyable collection of music that is perfect for beginning clarinet players. The pieces are short and easy to learn, and the overall sound is pleasant and relaxing. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to get started playing the clarinet, this sheet music collection is a great choice.

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