Chamber Music America Presents New Jazz Works

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Chamber Music America is proud to present New Jazz Works, a grant program that supports the creation and performance of new jazz works.

What is Chamber Music America?

Chamber Music America (CMA) is a national organization committed to the support and advancement of chamber music. They work with a wide range of ensembles, from small groups to large orchestras, and represent many different genres, including jazz, contemporary classical, rock, and world music.

CMA presents New Jazz Works every year, which supports the creation of new works by jazz ensembles. This year’s recipients include the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble, the James Brandon Lewis Trio, and the Kate Gentile Trio.

What is their mission?

Chamber Music America (CMA) is a national presenter of jazz and contemporary music. They commission and present new works, support the creation and performance of new music, and provide resources and networking opportunities for composers and ensembles.

What is New Jazz Works?

Chamber Music America (CMA) is a national organization that promotes the performance and creation of chamber music in the United States. CMA’s New Jazz Works (NJW) program provides support to professional jazz ensembles and solo artists in the development and premiere of new works.

NJW commissions, through a competitive process, are awarded to ensembles and artists who demonstrate a commitment to the creation and performance of new work, as well as a high level of artistic achievement. The commissioned pieces are copyrighted by CMA and become part of CMA’s repertoireshare library, which is made available to other ensembles and presenters interested in programming new work.

What is the goal of New Jazz Works?

The goal of New Jazz Works is to support the creation and recording of new works by jazz composers and to increase the visibility of this music through performance and broadcast.

How do they choose the artists?

CMA commissions new works each year from a range of artists, with the goal of supporting the creation of innovative and compelling new music. The selection process for commission recipients is highly competitive, and takes into account the quality of the applicant’s work, the proposed project, and the feasibility of its completion.

What is the application process?

The application process is simple. Complete and submit the online application, which includes:

-A project description
-A project budget
-Your biography or CV
-Work samples (audio, video, or score)

Once we receive your complete application, our panelists will review your materials and make a decision. You will be notified of the decision via email.

What are the requirements for the artists?

CMA’s New Works program commissioning grants support the creation and premiere performance of new original works by U.S. jazz ensembles and soloists. To be eligible, artists must be currently active professional performing artists, who have a history of significant public performances of their work and/or recordings available to the public, and who reside in the United States.

What is the selection process?

New Jazz Works, supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation since its inception in 2002, is the only national jazz commissioning program that provides support exclusively to small ensembles. Over the past 18 years, New Jazz Works has provided 171 grants totaling more than $4 million to ensembles across the U.S.

Through a competitive process that considers artistic merit and potential for touring, New Jazz Works commissions 8-10 new works each year from a range of small jazz groups representing the genre’s diversity. CMA also provides important tools and resources to help commissioned groups overcome common touring challenges and develop long-term career sustainability.

What are the benefits for the artists?

The purpose of the New Jazz Works (NJW) program is to commission and support the creation of new jazz works by small ensembles. Each year, a select number of ensembles are chosen to receive commissions, whichranging from $5,000 to $20,000. In addition to the financial support, NJW also provides promotional and marketing assistance, as well as networking and performance opportunities.

How can I get involved?

You don’t have to be a member of Chamber Music America to apply for a New Works commission, but you will need to create a user account on our website. If you are not a current member of CMA, we encourage you to join us! Membership entitles you to many benefits, including discounts on commissions, conference registrations, and more.

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