How to Make Your Christmas Lights Dance to Techno Music

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A step by step guide to making your Christmas lights dance to techno music.


So you want your Christmas lights to dance to techno music, huh? You’re in luck – there are a few different ways you can make this happen. With a little bit of effort (and maybe a little bit of money), you can have your very own light show that will impress all your friends and neighbors. Here’s how:

What You Need

To get your lights dancing away to some sick techno beats, you’ll need the following:

-Christmas lights that are controlled by a light switch
-A music player (phone, laptop, etc.)
-An assistant (optional)

Step One: Hang the Lights

The first step is to obviously hang the lights. You’ll want to make sure they are evenly distributed and not tangled. Once they are all up, plug them in to make sure they work.

Step Two: Set Up the Speakers
Now you need to set up the speakers. You’ll want to place them so that they point towards the area where people will be dancing. Make sure they are plugged in and turned on.

Step Three: Choose the Music
This is the most important step! You need to choose music that will get people dancing. We suggest techno or house music, but you can choose whatever you think will work best.

Step Four: Turn on the Lights and Music
Now it’s time to party! Turn on the lights and music, and let the good times begin!

Step Two: Set Up the Controller

Now that you have your lights all set up, it’s time to install the controller. This is a little black box that plugs into an outlet and has a wire that runs to your sound system. The controller comes with a remote, so you can also change the settings without getting up.

There are two ways to set up the controller. The first is to use the wireless receiver. This goes in between your sound system and the speakers. The second way is to connect the controller directly to the sound system via aux input.

If you’re using the wireless receiver, plug it in and then follow the instructions that come with it. If you’re connecting directly to the sound system, just plug one end of the aux cable into the “input” port on the controller and then plug the other end into an open port on your sound system.

Step Three: Hang the Speakers

Now that you have your lighting and music set up, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to hang your speakers. If you’re using regular old wired speakers, you’ll need to find a way to affix them to something that will allow them to point towards the ground (since that’s where the sound needs to go). You can use zip ties, duct tape, or whatever else you have lying around. Just make sure that they’re snug and secure – you don’t want your speakers falling and breaking in the middle of your party!

If you’re using battery-powered wireless speakers, then things are a little bit simpler. You can just set them on a table or shelf near the window and they should be good to go!

Step Four: Set Up the Music

Now that you have your lights all plugged in and in the right order, it’s time to set up the music. You’ll need an amplifier and some speakers to blast the tunes. If you don’t have any speakers, you can use your computer’s built-in speakers, but they probably won’t be loud enough.

Attach the positive lead of your amplifier to the positive terminal of your sound source (probably your computer’s headphone jack) and the negative lead of your amplifier to the negative terminal of your sound source. If you’re using a stereo, you’ll need two amplifiers, one for each channel.

Now, plug in your speakers to the appropriate jacks on your amplifier. Make sure that the left speaker is plugged into the left channel and the right speaker is plugged into the right channel. Otherwise, the sound will be very strange.


Now that you know how to make your Christmas lights dance to techno music, you can create an unforgettable holiday display that will impress your friends and neighbors. With a little planning and creativity, you can turn your home into a veritable winter wonderland. So get out there and start spreading some holiday cheer!

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