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If you are a fan of dubstep music, then you need to check out our cool collection of dubstep tracks. We have hand-picked the best dubstep tracks for you to add to your collection.

What is Dubstep?

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the late 1990s. It is generally characterized by sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns with prominent sub-bass frequencies. The style emerged as an offshoot of UK garage and grime, and shares much of the same tempo and rhythm. Oxford Dictionaries describes dubstep as “a variant of hardstep, characterized by heavy bass and sub-bass lines, sparse rhythms, and frequently manipulated vocal samples”.

The Best Dubstep Songs of All Time

Dubstep can be a great addition to any music collection. The best dubstep songs are characterized by their hard-hitting basslines, unique sound effects, and catchy melodies. If you’re looking for some great dubstep songs to add to your collection, check out this list.

“Breathe” – Skrillex

One of the most popular dubstep songs of all time, “Breathe” by Skrillex is a masterpiece of the genre. The song features a catchy melody, incredible production values, and a drop that will send chills down your spine. If you’re looking for an amazing dubstep song to add to your collection, “Breathe” is a must-have.

“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” – Skrillex

“Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” is a song by American electronic music producer Skrillex. It was released as a single on October 22, 2010. The song is included as the lead single from his debut EP of the same name. It entered the Top 40 on Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40 chart and peaked at No. 17 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs.

The song was well received by music critics, who praised its dark, aggressive sound and Skrillex’s production skills. It won two Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronica Album at the 54th Grammy Awards.

“Levels” – Avicii

If there’s one dubstep song that’s sure to get everyone on the dance floor, it’s “Levels” by Avicii. Featuring a catchy melody and a thumping bassline, this track is guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

“Bangarang” – Skrillex

“Bangarang” is a 2012 song by Skrillex. The song was released as a single on December 23, 2011. It is the lead single from his second EP of the same name. The song features vocals from Sirah.

“Bangarang” is an electronic dance music song with elements of dubstep and electro house. The song’s title is a reference to the 1991 film Hook, in which the character Rufio says the word “Bangarang” as he rallies other lost boys to fight Captain Hook.

The song received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its catchiness and Skrillex’s production work. It was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 2013 Grammy Awards. The song peaked at number 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

“Rage Valley” – Knife Party

If you’re looking for a song that perfectly embodies the rage and fury of dubstep, look no further than “Rage Valley” by Knife Party. The raw, intense sound of the track is punctuated by heavy bass drops that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

The Best Dubstep Artists of All Time

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London in the late 1990s. It is characterized by sparse, syncopated breakbeat rhythms, and often contains elements of grime, 2-step garage, and dubstep. In the 2010s, dubstep artists began to fuse elements of trap music with dubstep rhythms.


Skrillex, real name Sonny Moore, is a dubstep, EDM, and moombahton producer from the United States. He is a former member of the band From First to Last, and he has also released five solo EPs. His debut album, Recess, was released in 2014. Skrillex has won a total of eight Grammy Awards.


Avicii was a Swedish electronic musician, DJ, and remixer who gained international fame with his hits “Wake Me Up” and “Hey Brother.” He first rose to prominence with his work on the Le7els podcast, which he started in 2011. From there, he went on to release a number of well-received singles and albums, including True (2013) and Stories (2015). Avicii retired from live performances in 2016 due to health concerns, but continued to release new music until his death in 2018. His hits “Levels” and “Waiting for Love” remain some of the most iconic dubstep tracks of all time.

Knife Party

Knife Party is an Australian electronic music duo consisting of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum. In an interview with BeatMyDay, Swire stated that Knife Party started as a side project to Pendulum, not meant to be taken seriously. However, after several successful releases, including their debut EP 100%, Knife Party has become their main focus.

Their music is characterized by heavy bass and aggressive beats, often with elements of Siezure-inducing Dubstep or Drumstep. In 2012, they released their first full-length album, Rage Valley, which featured the hit singles ” Bonfire,” ” Internet Friends,” and ” Centipede.” In 2013, they followed up with another EP called Haunted House.

Knife Party is one of the most popular dubstep artists of all time and definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the genre.

Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion is the stage name of UK dubstep producer and DJ Joshua Steele. He is the co-founder of Circus Records, along with Doctor P and Swire. His tracks are often played by leading dubstep DJs, such as Porter Robinson, Skream and Benga.


Nero is a British dubstep and drum and bass trio composed of members Daniel Stephens, Joseph Ray and Alana Watson. The group is named after the last emperor of Rome, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. Their began in 2003, when Stephens and Ray met at college in London. In 2004, they released their first track “Space 2001”, which was made available as a free online download. In 2005, they signed with performance label MTA Records, and released their debut extended play (EP), This Way.

The group’s first full-length album, Welcome Reality, was released in 2011. It peaked at number one on the UK Albums Chart and contained the singles “Promises”, “Me & You”, and “Crush on You”. Their second album, Between II Worlds, was released on 5 October 2015. It peaked at number 12 on the UK Albums Chart and contained the singles “Satisfy”, “‘Wasting Time” and “‘Into the Night”.

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