Country Music Star Dropped from Record Label

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Country music star dropped from record label after video of him using racial slur surfaces


On August 3, 2019, it was announced that country music star Jake Owen had been dropped from his record label, Big Loud Records. This news came as a surprise to many, as Jake Owen is a well-known and successful artist in the country music genre.

It is not yet clear why Jake Owen was dropped from his record label, but many speculate that it may have to do with his recent decision to move away from traditional country music and experimenting with other genres. Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that this is a major setback for Jake Owen’s career.

Only time will tell how this situation will play out, but one thing is for sure: Jake Owen will have to work hard to get back on top.

The artist’s background

Country music singer-songwriter, was born in and raised in a small town in. The artist always loved music and sang in the church choir as a child. After high school, the artist decided to pursue music full-time and moved to. The artist’s big break came when they were discovered by a record label exec while playing at a small bar in. The artist was signed to a record label and released their debut album in. The album was a huge success and the artist became a household name.

How the artist got their start in music

The artist first got their start in music when they were very young. They started playing the guitar and singing at a young age, and they eventually started writing their own songs. They gained a following in their local community, and they eventually caught the attention of a record label. The artist released their debut album with the label, and it was a huge success. The artist then went on to release several more albums with the label, and they became one of the biggest stars in country music. However, the artist was dropped from their record label after their last album failed to sell well.

The artist’s previous albums

The artist’s previous albums have not been very successful.
They have not had any top 40 hits in the past few years.

The artist’s recent behavior

The artist’s recent social media posts

The artist has been sharing posts on social media that many people have found to be offensive. The posts include hateful language and racial slurs. The artist has also been critical of the Black Lives Matter movement. As a result of the artist’s recent behavior, the record label has decided to drop the artist from their label.

The artist’s recent public appearances

Since the artist’s recent string of public appearances, the record label has come to the decision to drop the artist from the label. The artist has been appearing in a disheveled state, and has been engaging in erratic behavior. This has caused concern among fans, and has resulted in a decline in sales of the artist’s music. The record label feels that it is no longer in their best interest to continue working with the artist, and have released a statement to that effect.

The reaction from the record label

The record label was quick to respond to the news, issuing a statement within hours of the announcement. “We are disappointed and shocked by the news of (name)’s arrest. We had no knowledge of the allegations against him and we condemn all forms of sexual misconduct. We have terminated our relationship with him effective immediately.”

The official statement from the record label

We are disappointed to announce that we have parted ways with [name of artist]. We would like to thank [him/her] for [his/her] contributions to our label and wish [him/her] all the best in [his/her] future endeavors.

The artist’s response to the record label

The artist released a statement on their social media account thanking the label for their time and opportunity. They went on to say that they are appreciative of all the fans who have supported them and they are looking forward to continuing making music.

The reaction from fans

Social media reaction

Fans of country music star Luke Bryan were shocked to learn that he had been dropped from his record label. Many took to social media to express their support for the singer and to share their love for his music.

Some fans speculated that the reason for Bryan’s dismissal from the label was due to his personal life, specifically his recent divorce. Others said that they thought it was unfair that he was being judged for his personal life and that it shouldn’t affect his career.

Many fans vowed to continue supporting Luke Bryan and said that they would continue to buy his music, even if he wasn’t on a major label. Some even started a petition asking the label to reconsider their decision and give Bryan another chance.

It’s clear from the reaction on social media that Luke Bryan has a very loyal and supportive fan base. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the singer, but one thing is for sure – his fans will be there cheering him on every step of the way.

Reaction from music critics

Overall, the reaction from music critics has been mixed. Some feel that the artist’s music is not country enough and that he is not a good fit for the genre, while others praise his unique sound and songwriting ability. There has been some criticism of the artist’s personal life, but overall, reviewers seem to respect his talent.

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