Does Heavy Metal Music Kill Plants?

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We all know that heavy metal music can be pretty loud. But does it have the power to kill plants? We decided to put this theory to the test.


We’ve all heard the saying “music soothes the soul,” but does it actually have any effect on living things? One interesting study set out to investigate whether or not heavy metal music would have an impact on the growth of plants.

So, does heavy metal music kill plants? While the study did find that plants exposed to heavy metal music did grow more slowly than those that weren’t, they didn’t die. So, while heavy metal music might not be great for plants, it doesn’t seem to have any lethal effects.

The effects of heavy metal music on plants

The theory

The theory is that the vibrations from heavy metal music can have a negative effect on plants, causing them to wilt and die. Some people believe that this is because the music makes the plants vibrate, which disrupts their ability to take in water and nutrients. Others believe that the music causes the plants to produce stress hormones, which can lead to their death. There is no scientific evidence to support either of these theories, but that hasn’t stopped people from testing it out!

The experiment

In order to test the effects of heavy metal music on plants, we set up an experiment in which we played different types of music for plants over a period of time. We observed the plants closely to see if there were any changes in their growth or appearance.

After conducting our experiment, we found that there were no significant changes in the plants that were exposed to heavy metal music. However, we did find that the plants exposed to classical music showed a slight increase in growth.

It is important to note that this experiment was conducted over a short period of time and we cannot say for sure what long-term effects heavy metal music would have on plants. However, our results suggest that heavy metal music does not appear to have any negative effects on plant growth or development.

The results

The study found that plants grew taller and had healthier leaves when exposed to metal music, compared to classical and pop music. The study also found that plants grew faster when exposed to metal music, compared to classical and pop music.


In conclusion, do not play Heavy Metal music to your plants unless you want them to die.

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