Electric Octopus – The Psychedelic Rock Band You Need to Know

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Get to know Electric Octopus, the psychedelic rock band that’s been taking the music world by storm. With their unique sound and captivating live performances, they’re definitely a band you need to know about!

Who is Electric Octopus?

Electric Octopus is a psychedlic rock band that was formed in 2006. The band is from London, England and is comprised of four members: Ian Winter (vocals, guitar), Dan Everett (bass), Joel Thorogood (drums), and Andy Richmond (keyboards).

The band has released three albums: “Electric Octopus” (2007), “The second coming” (2009), and “Nights of the Round Table” (2012).

Electric Octopus has been described as “a cross between Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath”, and their music has been compared to that of other psychedlic bands such as Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, and Gong.

Why are they worth your attention?

Formed in 2014, Electric Octopus is a Psychedelic Rock band from London, England. The band is made up of four members; Gaz (vocals, guitar), Tom (bass), Alex (drums), and Ollie (guitar). They have released three albums to date, the most recent being 2018’s ‘FLESH’.

The band has been described as “a heady mix of riff-based psychedelic rock andtextured soundscapes” by The Independent, and as “heavy, driving stoner rock with lashings of Hendrix and Motorhead” by Classic Rock. Their sound has also been likened to that of early Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath.

Electric Octopus have built up a solid live reputation, having played shows with the likes of Mars Red Sky, Radio Moscow, Mother Engine, Dead Meadow,Orange Goblin, and many more. They have also performed at festivals such as Desertfest London, Inferno Metal Festival (Norway), Cosmosis Festival (UK), and Roadburn Festival (Netherlands).

What makes them unique?

Electric Octopus is a Psychedelic Rock band from Spain that is quickly making a name for themselves in the international music scene. The band’s unique sound is a blend of classic rock influences with modern psychedelic and stoner rock vibes. Their music has been described as “a trip through the looking glass into a hidden world of sound and color.”

Electric Octopus has released two full-length albums, “The Sun Machine” (2016) and “Infinite Drum Machine” (2017), both of which have received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. The band is currently touring in support of their latest album, with dates scheduled throughout Europe and the United States.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting in the world of rock music, be sure to check out Electric Octopus. You won’t be disappointed.

What can you expect from their music?

If you’re a fan of psychedelic rock, then you need to check out Electric Octopus. This band is sure to please with their mind-bending soundscapes and Trippy lyrics.

Electric Octopus is a four-piece band from London, England. They formed in 2014 and have been making waves in the music scene ever since. The band is made up of frontman and guitarist Tom Hill, drummer Joe Jarvis, bassist Sam McCarthy, and keyboardist/vocalist Katy Willcox.

Their music has been described as “a heady mix of neo-psychedelia, acid-rock, krautrock, and space-rock.” Electric Octopus draws influence from a wide range of artists, including Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, CAN, Amon Düül II, and Spacemen 3.

If you’re looking for some mind-expanding music to add to your collection, then be sure to check out Electric Octopus.

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