The Best Electronic Music of 2020

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A list of the best electronic music of 2020.


In a year that was anything but easy, electronic music kept us going with its unabashed optimism, infectious energy, and unifying spirit. From melancholic anthems to blissful bangers, here are the 50 best electronic tracks of 2020.

Best Albums of 2020

This year has been a tough one for everyone, but music has always been a source of comfort. When we need an escape, we can turn to our favorite albums and songs. Even though it feels like the world has been standing still, a lot of great music has been released this year. Here are some of the best albums of 2020.

Kaleidoscope by ODESZA

After a three-year hiatus, electronic music duo ODESZA is back with their latest album, A Moment Apart. Released in September 2017, the album quickly climbed to the top of the charts, debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. The album features the singles “Line of Sight,” “Late Night,” and “Higher Ground.”

A Moment Apart is a departure from the duo’s previous work, exploring new sonic territory while still maintaining the beautiful melodies and intricate production that fans have come to love. From start to finish, the album is an emotionally charged journey that takes listeners on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows.

Kaleidoscope is the standout track on the album, a beautiful downtempo tune that features serene vocal samples floating atop a bed of warm synths and glitchy beats. It’s a gorgeous track that perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the entire album.

If you’re a fan of ODESZA or electronic music in general, A Moment Apart is an essential listen.

A Moment Apart by ODESZA

A Moment Apart is the third studio album by American electronic music duo ODESZA, released on September 8, 2017 by Counter Records and Ninja Tune. It features the singles “Line of Sight”, “Late Night”, and “Mercy”. The album was nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

In Return by ODESZA

In Return by ODESZA is one of the best albums of 2020. It is a departure from their earlier work, and features a more minimalistic and atmospheric sound. The album is perfect for fans of electronic music who are looking for something new and different.

Best Songs of 2020

It’s been a great year for music, with a wide range of artists releasing some truly incredible tracks. If you’re looking for the best songs of 2020, look no further than this list. From catchy pop songs to beautiful ballads, there’s something for everyone on this list.

“Line of Sight” by ODESZA

Since forming in 2012, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, the duo behind ODESZA, have become one of the most celebrated names in electronic music. With a string of EPs and two full-length albums, 2014’s In Return and 2016’s A Moment Apart, ODESZA have cemented their place at the forefront of the genre with their emotionally charged melodies, intricate production, and bombastic live shows.

Now, on their third album, 2019’s A Moment Apart (Deluxe Edition), ODESZA have continued to evolve their sound, pushing themselves to new sonic heights. The album features plenty of highlights, but one of the stand-out tracks is “Line of Sight,” which features vocals from longtime collaborator WYNNE and indie-pop singer Sasha Sloan.

“Line of Sight” is a gorgeously crafted piece of electronic music that contains all the elements that make ODESZA so special. The track starts off with a gentle piano melody before expanding into a huge bass-driven chorus that will get your heart racing. WYNNE’s soaring vocals carry the track to new heights, while Sloan provides a lovely contrast with her delicate verses.

The production is top-notch throughout, with layers of synths and percussion building to create a thick wall of sound that will envelop you completely. It’s a masterfully crafted track that showcases everything that makes ODESZA one of the best electronic acts around.

“Higher Ground” by ODESZA

“Higher Ground” is a song by American electronic music duo ODESZA. It was released as the lead single from their second studio album, In Return, on September 9, 2014. The song peaked at number 11 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording at the 57th Grammy Awards.

“Late Night” by ODESZA

ODESZA’s “Late Night” is one of the best electronic songs of 2020. The track is a beautifully-produced electronic ballad that features ODESZA’s signature ethereal soundscape and emotive chord progressions. The song’s lyrics are also incredibly moving, making “Late Night” an unforgettable track.


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