The Top 5 Electronic Music Labels

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In this blog post, we will be counting down the top 5 electronic music labels. These are the labels that have been putting out the best music over the years, and have helped shape the sound of electronic music as we know it today.

Defining an Electronic Music Label

An electronic music label is a record company specializing in releasing electronic music. The term can apply to companies that release only electronic music, or to companies that release a variety of music genres including electronic music. Many electronic music labels are independent, while others are associated with major record companies.

What is an electronic music label?

An electronic music label is a record label that specializes in releasing electronic music. These labels can be large or small, and they may be affiliated with a major record label or operate independently. Many electronic music labels focus on a particular subgenre of electronic music, such as techno, house, drum and bass, or trance.

What are the benefits of signing with an electronic music label?

When an electronic artist is looking to sign with a label, there are a few things that they should keep in mind. First and foremost, artists should always do their research on a label before signing. It is important to make sure that the label is well respected within the industry, and that they have a good reputation. In addition, it is important to make sure that the label has a good distribution deal in place so that your music will be widely available. Finally, it is also important to make sure that the label has a good marketing and promotion plan in place so that your music will reach a wide audience.

signing with an electronic music label can provide many benefits for an artist. First and foremost, it can help to increase your visibility within the industry. In addition, signing with a label can also provide you with access to better distribution deals and promotional opportunities. Finally, signing with a label can also help you to build long-term relationships with industry professionals who can help further your career.

The Top 5 Electronic Music Labels

In this day and age, the electronic music industry is booming. There are countless electronic music labels out there, but which ones are the best? In this article, we will be counting down the top 5 electronic music labels. These are the labels that are putting out the best music, and are the ones to watch out for in the future.


Monstercat is a Canadian-based independent electronic music label founded in July 2011 by Mike Darlington and Ari Paunonen. The label releases music on a bi-weekly basis on Mondays, with each release featuring a single or multiple tracks from a diverse range of artists. In 2012, they began hosting their own podcast called “Call of the Wild”, which features one hour of unreleased material from upcoming artists every week.

Since its inception, Monstercat has released tracks from various genres including dubstep, future bass, electro house, and drum and bass. Their releases have been supported by well-known DJs such as Skrillex, Tiësto, and Hardwell. In 2013, they were nominated for the “Best Music Label” award at the International Dance Music Awards.


Founded in Los Angeles in 2011 by Skrillex, Owsla has quickly become one of the most respected electronic music labels in the world. With a roster of incredibly talented artists including Seven Lions, Flume, Kill The Noise, and Alison Wonderland, Owsla has been responsible for some of the biggest hits in EDM over the past few years. If you’re a fan of dance music, there’s a good chance you’ve heard some of Owsla’s music – and if you haven’t, you’re definitely missing out!


mau5trap is a Canadian electronic music record label founded by deadmau5. It was founded in 2007 and has released works by deadmau5, Feed Me, Kaskade, Chris Lake, Moguai, and Zedd among others.


Anjunabeats is a British record label founded in 2000 by Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamäki of Above & Beyond. The label has been influential in trance music and prioritize artist development. They host a radio show called Group Therapy Radio which features music from the label as well as other artists. Above & Beyond’s album Sirens of the Sea was the first release on Anjunabeats.

Notable artists signed to Anjunabeats include Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, ilan Bluestone, Seven Lions, Oliver Smith, Jason Ross and many more. The label has released compilations such as Anjunabeats Vol. 1-15, Anjunadeep Edition 01-09 and Group Therapy 001-200.

Spinnin’ Records

Spinnin’ Records is a Dutch record label founded in 1999 by Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf. Van Kooten is the son of former Dutch record label owner and music publisher Kor van Kooten. The label releases electronic dance music, and is notable for popularizing the big room genre.

In 2013, Spinnin’ was named the number one dance label by Billboard magazine. In 2014, the label earned its first Grammy Award when Afrojack’s collaboration with David Guetta, “Hey Mama”, won Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical. In 2015, Spinnin’ Records was named Label of the Year at the 2015 International Dance Music Awards.


This is our top 5 electronic music labels list. Did we get it right? Who would you add or take away?

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