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If you’re a fan of fantasy and metal, then you need to check out this amazing music video! It’s got everything you could want in a metal song – dragons, wizards, and more!


Epic fantasy heavy metal music videos are becoming increasingly popular, with many artists creating visually stunning and highly creative videos to accompany their songs. If you’re a fan of fantasy and metal, then you’re sure to enjoy these incredible music videos.

The Video

This is the story of a young girl who is taken to a fantasy world by a metal dragon. The dragon teaches her how to metal and she eventually becomes a metal goddess. This epic fantasy heavy metal music video is sure to get your head banging!

The Music

The music in this video is absolutely incredible. It’s a perfect mix of metal and fantasy, and it really gets you pumped up. The vocals are powerful and the instruments are just relentless. It’s the perfect song to headbang to.

The Meaning

The song is about a group of fallen knights who, after being killed in battle, are resurrected as zombies by a necromancer. The knights then proceed to terrorize a kingdom before finally being defeated and sent back to their graves.

The music video for the song was directed by Devin Graham, and it features special effects by the company Strange Effects. The video was filmed in Utah, and it cost over $100,000 to produce. It has been described as “one of the most epic and expensive music videos ever made”.

The Reaction

The video, called “Revelations,” was created by the Russian studio Lustretto. It features a heavily-armored woman riding a giant wolf into battle, as well as floating citadels and armies of flying creatures. The woman uses her powers to defeat her enemies and save her people.

The video has received a mixed reaction from viewers. Some people praised the animation and visuals, while others felt that the story was convoluted and hard to follow. However, most viewers agreed that the music was excellent and worth listening to regardless of the video’s quality.


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