Fraggle Rock: Music and Magic

Enter the world of Fraggle Rock and explore the music and magic that make this place so special!

Introduction to Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock is a puppet television series created by Jim Henson. It aired on HBO from 1983 to 1987. The show centers on the Fraggles, small furry creatures who live in caves and have never seen the outside world. They are joined by the larger Doozers and the giant Gorgs.

The Fraggles often find themselves in scrapees, but with the help of music and their friends, they always prevail in the end. The show promotes themes of cooperation, acceptance, and tolerance. It also teaches kids about taking care of their environment.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled, educational show for your kids, look no further than Fraggle Rock!

The Magic of Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock: Music and Magic is a family-friendly show that has something for everyone. The Fraggles are lovable creatures that live in an underground world full of music and adventure. The music is catchy and will have you singing along, and the stories are magical and heartwarming. With a little something for everyone, Fraggle Rock: Music and Magic is a must-see for all ages.

The Music of Fraggle Rock

The Music of Fraggle Rock is the fourth album released from the Jim Henson television series, Fraggle Rock. Released on May 3, 1983 by Warner Bros. Records, the album features music written by Philip Balsam and Dennis Lee with lyrics by Joe Weiderman. The album was reissued on CD in 2002 with four bonus tracks.

The Fraggles’ World

The Fraggles are a community of small, furry creatures who live in caves near an underground garbage dump. The Fraggles get their name from the garbage they eat, which they call “fraggle food.” They are led by Cantus the Minstrel and live in harmony with two other communities: the Gorgs, who are giant creatures who live above ground and eat fraggles, and the Doozers, who are small green creatures who build houses out of candy.

The Fraggles’ world is full of music and magic. Each Fraggle has their own special talent, and they use their talents to solve problems and have adventures. They are always learning new things, and they never give up on their friends.

Fraggle Rock Characters

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The Fraggles are the main characters in the Jim Henson TV series Fraggle Rock. They are small, furry creatures who live in caves and tunnels beneath a human garbage dump, which they occasionally visit for treats. TheFraggles spend most of their time playing games, singing songs and exploring their rock.

The central character is Gobo Fraggle, a young explorer who is always looking for new adventures. He is best friends with Red Fraggle, who loves to sing and dance. The two are often mistaken for a mate by Wimzie, the smallest Fraggle. Mokey Fraggle is the group’s resident philosopher and poet. Boober Fraggle is a pessimist who is afraid of almost everything. WembleyFraggle is Gobo’s younger brother who loves to eat. He is also very adventurous and often gets himself into trouble. Lastly, there is Cousin Travelling Matt, an explorer who sends postcards to Gobo from ” Outer Space”.

The Doozers

The Doozers are a race of green, short, humanoid creatures who live in caves underground. They are known for their love of hard work and their passion for building. The Doozers are also known for their creative songs and dances, which they perform while they work.

The Gorgs

The Gorgs are a group of Muppet monsters who live in a castle in Fraggle Rock. They are the primary antagonists of the series. The Gorgs are a race of creatures who enjoy eating rocks. They are large and strong, and they have big teeth. The Gorgs are led by Ma Gorg, who is the mother of Junior Gorg.

The Gorgs play a significant role in the Fraggle Rock series, as they are the main source of conflict for the Fraggles. The Fraggles often steal food from the Gorgs’ garden, which angers the Gorgs. In return, the Gorgs try to capture the Fraggles and eat them.

The Trash Heap

On Fraggle Rock, trash isn’t something to be avoided. It’s a magical place full of treasures waiting to be discovered. The Trash Heap is where the Fraggles go to find answers to their questions. You never know what you’ll find in the trash heap, but it’s always sure to be interesting.

Behind the Scenes of Fraggle Rock

When “Fraggle Rock” debuted on HBO in 1983, it was an instant hit. The lovable puppet characters and toe-tapping tunes were a perfect match for the cable network, which was just beginning to find its footing.

But “Fraggle Rock” was more than just a children’s show. It was a musical — and that meant that the music had to be just as good as the puppetry.

Fortunately, the team behind “Fraggle Rock” was up to the task. The show’s creator, Jim Henson, recruited some of the best songwriters in the business, including Paul Williams (“The Muppet Movie”), Phil Collins (“In the Air Tonight”) and Kenny Loggins (“Footloose”).

The result was a show that was both educational and entertaining, with toe-tapping tunes that have stood the test of time.

Here are some fun facts about the music of “Fraggle Rock”:
-The show had a house band, called The Fraggles, which performed all of the songs on the show.
-There were no lip synced performances on “Fraggle Rock.” All of the songs were sung live by the puppeteers.
-The show featured a mix of original songs and covers. The Fraggles covered songs by artists like Simon & Garfunkel, Patsy Cline and Louis Armstrong.
-Many of the songs on “Fraggle Rock” were written specifically for educational purposes. For example, “Do Whatever You Do Golly Gee Whizz!” taught kids about following directions, while “Wemember Me?” dealt with themes of loss and mortality.
-The song “All Around Me Are Familiar Faces” was written by Paul Williams as part of his therapy after suffering from a near-fatal car accident.

The Legacy of Fraggle Rock

For those of us of a certain age, the television show Fraggle Rock was a significant part of our childhood. The Jim Henson Company’s groundbreaking series not only entertained us with its lovable characters and whimsical stories, but it also introduced us to a whole new world of music. The Fraggles and their friends, the Doozers and the Gorgs, taught us important lessons about cooperation, acceptance, and respect through song, and the show’s innovative mix of live action and puppetry influenced a generation of artists.

Now, nearly 30 years after it ended its initial run, Fraggle Rock is back with a new generation of fans. Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, children all over the world can once again enjoy the adventures of Wembley, Mokey, Red, Boober, and Marv in Outer Space. And they’re rediscovering the joys of Fraggle Rock’s incredible music.

Under the direction of Bernard Derome, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra performs some of the best-loved songs from Fraggle Rock in this delightful concert program. From “Dance Your Cares Away” to “Let Me Be Your Song,” these timeless tunes are sure to bring back happy memories for grownups while introducing a whole new generation to the magic of Fraggle Rock!

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