Hillsong Offers Free Gospel Music Downloads

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Hillsong, one of the world’s most popular gospel music groups, is now offering free downloads of their music.


Hillsong, an Australian-based International Christian music ministry, offers free online gospel music downloads. The site provides access to over 1,000 songs from Hillsong albums as well as Hillsong-affiliated artists. Songs are available in both MP3 and WMA formats. In addition to the music downloads, visitors to the site can also find lyrics, chords, and sheet music for the songs.

What is Hillsong?

Hillsong is an Australian Christian rock band. The band was formed in 1983, originall funded by Hillsong Church. Since then, the band has gone on to release multiple albums that have been very successful both in Australia and internationally. Hillsong’s music is a mixture of contemporary Christian music and worship songs.

Hillsong offers free gospel music downloads on their website. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for Christian music that is both contemporary and worshipful.

What type of music does Hillsong offer?

Hillsong offers a variety of different types of gospel music for free downloads. This includes traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, and Hillsong Kids music. You can browse through the various genres of music to find the type of music that you enjoy listening to the most.

Where can I find Hillsong music?

Hillsong is an Australian Protestant Christian megachurch movement originating from Sydney, New South Wales. The name Hillsong Church is a trademark of Hillsong International Ltd., which was founded in 1983 in Sydney, Australia by Bobbie and Pastors Brian Houston.

The church’s international headquarters are currently located in¨¨ North Sydney, although it also has affiliated churches all around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, South Africa and more. Hillsong offers free online downloads of their popular gospel music tracks on their website.

How can I download Hillsong music for free?

Hillsong offersfree gospel music downloads on their website. You can also purchase CDs and DVDs of their music if you prefer.


Hillsong offers a great selection of free gospel music downloads, and they are all top quality tracks. If you’re looking for some new gospel music to add to your collection, Hillsong is a great place to start.

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