How to Create a Grunge Music Halloween Costume

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The key to creating a great grunge costume is in the layers. You’ll want to start with a base of ripped jeans and a flannel shirt.


What do you think of when you think of a grunge music Halloween costume? For many people, it conjures up images of torn jeans, flannel shirts, and docs. Maybe you think of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, or Pearl Jam. Whatever your association is, creating a grunge music Halloween costume is easy and can be done with items you may already have in your closet. Here is a guide on how to create a grunge music Halloween costume.

What You’ll Need

-A black or dark colored t-shirt
-A pair of black jeans
-Boots or converse shoes
-A flannel shirt ( optional)
-Dark eye makeup
-Gel to make your hair look greasy

The Clothes

Your clothes should be dirty, ripped, and look like you don’t care. You can do this by raiding your own closet or going to a thrift store. If you can’t find anything, simply buy some cheap clothes and distress them yourself. To distress your clothes, you can rip them, stain them, and cut them up. Once you have the clothes, it’s time to move on to the hair and makeup.

The Hair

Grunge hairstyles were all about being low-maintenance. The hair was often greasy, unwashed and styled in a messy, effortlessly cool way. To get the look, start by not washing your hair for a few days (or weeks!) leading up to Halloween. On the day of, add a little bit of mousse or gel to your hair and style it into a messy bedhead look. If you have long hair, you can add a fishtail braid or two to really capture the grunge aesthetic.

The Makeup

Grunge makeup is all about looking natural and imperfect. Think smudged eyeliner, messy hair, and pale skin.

To get the look, start by doing your eyebrows however you normally would. Then, apply a light layer of foundation all over your face, focusing on evening out your skin tone. Next, use a dark brown or black eyeliner pencil to smudge lines along your upper and lower lash lines. The goal is to create a smoky, mysterious look, so don’t be afraid to go heavy on the liner! Finally, apply two coats of black mascara and mess up your hair however you see fit. And that’s it! You’re now ready to rock your grunge Halloween costume.

The Accessories

In order to complete the grunge music look, you will need to choose the right accessories. A pair of ripped jeans, a plaid shirt, and a denim jacket are essential. You can also add a beanie, Converse sneakers, and a pair of sunglasses. For makeup, go for a smoky eye look with dark lipstick.


That’s it! You have now created your own grunge music Halloween costume. Be sure to accessorize with plaid and ripped jeans to really capture the look. With this costume, you’re sure to be the life of any Halloween party.

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