The Top 5 Grunge Neon Music Videos You Need to See

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While grunge music might be a thing of the past, its neon music videos are still relevant today. Here are the top 5 grunge neon music videos you need to see.

Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video is a perfect example of the grunge neon style. The video features a bright, colorful set with a lot of neon lights. The band is also wearing brightly colored clothes and make-up. This video is a great example of the grunge neon style because it is so visually stimulating and the colors are so bright.

Pearl Jam- Jeremy

In 1992, Pearl Jam released what would become one of their signature songs, “Jeremy.” The song is an anguished look at a young man who takes his own life in front of his classmates, and the video is a powerful visual representation of the song’s themes.

The video was directed by Mark Pellington and features neon lights pulsing and flashing throughout, giving the video an eerie, unsettling feeling. The use of color in the video is expertly done and enhances the emotional impact of the song.

If you’re a fan of Pearl Jam or grunge music in general, then this is one music video you need to see.

Alice in Chains- Would?

Alice in Chains is one of the most influential grunge bands of all time, and their music video for “Would?” is a prime example of the genre’s trademark aesthetic. The video combines neon lights with gritty footage of the band performing in a seedy dive bar, and the result is mesmerizing. If you’re a fan of grunge music or simply want to see a music video that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, “Would?” is a must-watch.

Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun

Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” is one of the most iconic grunge neon music videos of all time. The video features a black-and-white footage of the band performing in a dark room, intercut with colorful images of space. The video won Best Rock Video at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards.

Stone Temple Pilots- Creep

Grunge was a subgenre of alternative rock that emerged during the mid-1980s in the Pacific Northwest U.S. state of Washington, particularly in Seattle and nearby towns. The style became known worldwide with the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind in 1991.

Stone Temple Pilots – Creep:

Alice In Chains – Would?:

Nirvana – In Bloom:

Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun:

Pearl Jam – Jeremy:

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