Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical

Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical is a new musical written and composed by Lauren Gunderson and Caroline Pratt. The musical is a darkly comedic rock fable about a young woman who makes a deal with the Devil in order to get what she wants most in life.


Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical is a story about love, loss, and revenge. It follows the story of a young woman who is scorned by the man she loves and takes matters into her own hands to get revenge. The musical is set to a rock music score and features strong female characters.

The Story

Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical tells the story of a young woman named Petra who is dealing with the aftermath of a break-up. She turns to her friends for support, but they are more interested in gossiping about her ex than actually helping her. Petra decides to take matters into her own hands and casts a spell on him. Unfortunately, the spell goes wrong and he ends up hexed. Now, it’s up to Petra to find a way to break the spell before it’s too late.

The Characters

There are six characters in Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical. The three girls, Clementine, Dahlia and Raven, are the witches. The three boys, Sebastian, Levi and Dimitri, are the warlocks.

Clementine is the leader of the witches. She is strong and confident and always knows what to do. Dahlia is the brains of the operation. She is clever and resourceful and always has a plan. Raven is the wild one. She is impulsive and passionate and always up for a good time.

Sebastian is the leader of the warlocks. He is ambitious and determined and always has his eye on the prize. Levi is the muscle of the group. He is strong and forceful and always ready to fight. Dimitri is the heart of the group. He is kind and compassionate and always looks out for others.

The Music

Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical is a high-energy, heart-pounding journey through the lives of six witches who are coming into their power. The music is original, catchy, and will leave you spellbound. From rock anthems to haunting ballads, the songs in Hexed will stay with you long after the curtain falls.

The Lyrics

The lyrics for “Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical” were written by playwright and composer J. O’Neill. The majority of the songs in the show are rock ballads, with some upbeat anthems mixed in. The lyrics explore issues of love, loss, and betrayal, with a focus on the experience of being a woman in a male-dominated world.

The Performances

Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical will be performed live at The Tarot Society in Brooklyn, New York on October 13th and 14th, 2018. The musical tells the story of a group of young women who form a rock band and use their music to battle the patriarchy.

The cast of Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical includes:

Aurora l’Orange as Lillith

Bianca Leigh as Persephone

Cameo Brown as Eve

Isis Rodriguez as Helena
Leonora Galieote as Circe
Tiffany Topol as Demeter

The Reception

The reception for Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical was very positive. The audience loved the music and the performances. The cast and crew were very excited about the show and everyone had a great time.

The Legacy

Hexed is a femme rock musical about a young woman’s journey to find her place in the world. The story follows Hex, a self-proclaimed outcast, as she comes into her own power and learns to love herself. Along the way, she makes friends with other women who have also been marginalized by society. Hexed is a powerful story of sisterhood, healing, and self-acceptance.

The Future

The future is an uncertain place, but if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that the women of Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical will be taking it by storm. From the moment the curtain rises, these powerful ladies grab your attention and don’t let go, whether they’re belting out an anthem of feminine strength or teaming up for a heart-wrenching ballad. With their catchy tunes and inspirational lyrics, they’re sure to rally anyone who’s ever felt underestimated or unappreciated. So whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up or anthems to headbang to, Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical is the show for you!


After a successful run, Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical concluded its limited engagement at The Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Angeles. The positive reviews and enthusiastic fan response made it clear that this was a special production with a unique voice.

Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical tells the story of three witches who are resurrected in the modern day. The witches must work together to solve a mystery and stop a curse that has been placed on them. Along the way, they discover the power of sisterhood and learn to embrace their own femininity.

The musical features an all-female cast and crew, and is filled with catchy original songs that celebrate feminine power. Hexed: A Femme Rock Musical is a funny, heartwarming, and empowering story that will leave you feeling spellbound.

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