How Much Is Firefly Music Festival?

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Similarly, How much does it cost to go to Firefly festival?

What is the admission price for the Firefly Festival? The 3 day pass ticket begins at $310. The average cost of flight travel inside the United States is $350. Prepare an additional $120 on average for splurging on food, beverages, and unplanned purchases (merch, souvenirs).

Also, it is asked, Does Firefly Music Festival sell out?

Firefly Glamping has already sold out! Grab the remaining packages from Wednesday Premier and Premium Glamping as soon as you can.

Secondly, Who is playing Firefly 2022?

The schedule for the 2022 Firefly Music Festival per day! The Kid LaROi, Big Sean, Zedd, Porter Robinson, Gunna, Avril Lavigne, Jamie XX, Gryffin, Charlie XCX, Bleachers, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, The Head and The Heart, Manchester Orchestra, and more. Halsey, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Dua Lipa, Weezer, Weezer, Halsey, The Kid LaROi, The Kid LaROi, Zedd, Porter

Also, How much is Firefly tickets 2021?

Generally Accepted Tickets for four days are available for $398, $1,278 for VIP passes, and $5,586 for Super VIP passes.

People also ask, Can you buy a day pass for Firefly?

You receive: An authentic Firefly Single Day General Admission wristband when you purchase a GA Single Day admission. access to the festival and all of the shows all day.

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What are Firefly tiers?

There are four different ticket tiers available for Firefly. More facilities are offered with each subsequent tier. General Admission, Weekend VIP, Weekend Super VIP, and Super Duper VIP are the several ticket categories that are offered.

Is Firefly festival Safe?

To provide the safest environment for our patrons, employees, volunteers, and artists, we collaborate with regional, state, and federal authorities. Security personnel in both uniform and plain clothes are present throughout the Festival grounds and are on duty around-the-clock to react to and help with any safety or security requirements.

Is Firefly festival fun?

Firefly was exciting, draining, and totally worthwhile. Here are my Firefly ABCs, covering as many various facets of the event as I can: A stands for All the Performers who are Artists. There was no way I could have seen everyone as there were well over 100 acts performing throughout the course of the weekend.

How quickly does Firefly sell out?

FIREFLY DOES IT SELL OUT? Rarely. The June early presale will likely sell out very fast. The event itself, however, seldom reaches capacity.

Can you bring alcohol to Firefly festival?

You’re free to bring as much alcohol as you want to Firefly, but keep in mind that you cannot bring any kegs or glass. It will be taken away if you are discovered in possession of one of them.

Is Firefly Festival real?

One of the major music events in the country is Firefly Music Festival.

How do you get on a rolling loud lineup?

Twitter message from Rolling Loud: “ARTISTS: You may submit to perform at @RollingLoud on”

What should I wear to Firefly 2021?

warmer attire As a result, you may get away with wearing shorts, slacks, a tank top, or a T-shirt throughout the day while bringing a light sweater or long sleeve shirt for later in the day.

How long is the Firefly concert?

The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway is transformed into a mystical musical paradise for three days each year during the festival, one of the largest in the USA.

What time does Firefly festival start?

Firefly Music Festival / Dates: September 22

Where is Firefly held?

Convenience Inn & Suites 2019 and 2018 at Dover Motor Speedway Dover2016, 2015, 2014

Can you sell Firefly tickets?

Wristbands may not be sold, transferred, or used for any type of commercial or trade purposes except as expressly permitted herein, including but not limited to promotions, contests, commercial or advertising purposes, lodging, hotels, vacation rentals, sweepstakes, charitable giveaways, or other activities not related to the Event.

What does the Firefly eat?

Firefly larvae feed on worms, snails, and slugs, which they render inert by injecting them with a numbing substance. Some adults choose not to eat at all, while others consume other fireflies, nectar, or pollen. All larvae can emit light to fend off predators, however some species lose this capacity as they grow into adults.

Are there drug dogs at Firefly?

Hosfelt said that walk-through magnetometers (metal detectors), similar to those you see at sports events or airports, are new this year at Firefly. Additionally, each car will be inspected by bomb detecting dogs at vehicle entrance points.

Are showers free at Firefly?

Go to The Hub if you need to take a shower while camping. Showers are $5 each. However, they’ll cost extra during “surge” hours, something like Uber. From 8 AM to 11 AM, when most people are getting ready for the day, a shower costs $10. So keep that in mind as you prepare to wash off and make the most of it!

Can you shower at Firefly?

Camping at Firefly means coziness. Leave the wet wipes at home since Firefly has permanent shower facilities in both North and South campsites, including a room with wall-to-wall mirrors and electrical outlets.

What should I wear to Firefly Music Festival?

The festival’s attire varied from stylish skirts to glam bodysuits to cozy tie-dye. Festival-goers decorated their outfits with metallic jewelry, butterfly wings, light-up capes, and caps. The final look was completed with the help of makeup, which added glitter, body jewelry, and vibrant lipstick colors.

How do you survive the Firefly Music Festival?

Here are some suggestions for packing and other ways to make it through the Firefly Music Festival. Several of them are listed below: Water and ice in plenty (at least to start out with) mobile speaker mobile charger Koozies. Binoculars. playing cards. movable fan waterproof wristwatch (quit looking at your phone to conserve battery).

Is Firefly festival family friendly?

Parents with regular admission cards are welcome to bring their children under the age of eight for free. Children under the age of two are admitted free of charge for VIP or Super VIP passholders.

How many people attended Firefly last year?

50 000 or so persons

Where is The Firefly Music Festival 2022?

Location of Comfort Inn & Suites for the 2022 Firefly Music Festival

Where is the Firefly Music Festival 2021?

Location of the 2021 Firefly Music Festival at Dover Motor Speedway The United States city of Dover, Delaware, is home to the Dover Motor Speedway. Since 1969, the track has held at least one NASCAR Cup Series event, and from 1971 until 2020, it hosted two races year. The track not only featured NASCAR, but USAC and the Indy Racing League as well. Wikipedia

Can I get a refund for Firefly tickets?

Firefly offers the option to easily cancel a flight online. Additionally, customers may fill out a refund request form on the Firefly website and submit it online. Only qualified Firefly flight tickets that are canceled within the valid window of time are eligible for a refund.

How do you sneak a joint into a concert?

Beard or hair. One of the greatest ways to bring marijuana into a concert is to use your hair or beard as cover. A man with a thick beard once managed to conceal six wraps of marijuana in his hair, while another man with a bushy beard once hid eight or nine joints in his beard.

Is firefly a rave?

GETTING TO FIREFLY IS SIMPLE BY CAR From cities along the east coast including Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and New York City, it takes just a short trip to get to the Firefly Music Festival. Perfect for a weekend getaway or day vacation. Experience the majestic, magical, and musical haven that is The Woodlands.


Firefly Music Festival is a music festival that takes place in June. It has been held annually since 2002 and has been going strong ever since. The event’s location changes every year, but the dates are always in June.

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