How to Cite a Music Score?

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Author First Name, Author Last Name, Title of Score or “Title of Score” (as suitable to the work’s title) (Publication location: Publisher, Date of Publication), accessed Date

Similarly, How do you cite a music score in MLA?

Composer/Performer composer, composer, composer, composer, composer, composer, composer, composer, composer, composer, composer, composer The title of the piece is “Piece Title.” Album title, first name of performer’s performance If known, last name, publisher or record label, and year. Date of access is optional.

Also, it is asked, How do you cite a music score in Chicago style?

Citing a particular piece within a score is considered as if it were a chapter in a book, or as if it were a “named portion of a book.” The name of the composer is followed by the part, In, and the title of the book or score (Chicago 14.106).

Secondly, How do you cite a musical score in APA 7?

In the author element of the citation, provide the composer’s name. In square brackets, specify the kind of score (e.g., “[Musical score],” “[Piano score],” “[Vocal score],” “[Study score]”). Provide the year of the republication in the primary date element of the citation for an earlier score that has been reissued.

Also, How do you cite Musescore?

Composer’s Last Name, First Name Composer’s Last Name, First Name Composer’s Last Name Composer’ * Date of original composition (if different from publishing date). M. Title as it appears on the title page. * Publisher and date of publication.

People also ask, How do you reference a piece of music in an essay?

To reference an audio recording available online in MLA 9, use the following format: Last name of the singer, first name of the singer “The Song’s Title.” Album title, edition, publisher, year of release, and track number

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How do you cite CD line notes in MLA?

Notes on the Back (from a recording) Lastname, Firstname are the initials of the author. “Material Title (if any).” The material’s description. The title of the recording is Artists Not Listed (s).

How do you cite a piece of sheet music in Chicago?

Sheet Music Citation Editor, ed., First Name Last Name, Title of the Piece Name of the Person (If applicable) Last Name (City, State: Publisher, Year). Last name, first name are used in the bibliography. The piece’s title. Moonlight Sonata, Op. 27, No. 1 (Ludwig van Beethoven). Ludwig van Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata, Op.

How do you cite a performance in Chicago style?

Include the work’s title, the author, any important performers and a description of their responsibilities, as well as the performance’s venue, location, and date. Plays, live performance art, and extended musical compositions should be italicised, whereas shorter works should be typed in roman font and enclosed in quotation marks.

How do you cite CD liner notes?

If the notes are unsigned (i.e., no author is mentioned), just add the phraseLiner notes.” at the end of the recording’s citation. The author’s name might be used to reference signed notes. If the notes have a title, it may appear after the author’s name.

How do you cite a musical in APA?

Lastname, Initials of the Author (Year). Song Title [First Initials, Lastname] [Recorded by performer] [format] on Album Title

How do you cite a song in APA in text?

A. Lastname (year). [Song] is the title of the song. On the album’s title Theresa Bell (she/her/hers) provided the answer. 122769 Citation in the text: (Family name, year, and time stamp) For current music, provide the name of the recording artist, while for classical music, provide the name of the composer (APA, 2020, p.

Do you need to reference music?

Are you writing an essay on a musical recording, such as a CD album or a song from a streaming platform? If this is the case, you must credit it in your text and include it in your reference list.

How do you quote a composer?

A. A. Composer (Date). The title of the work. Publisher is the location.

How do you cite a music Album?

Individual song names should be included in quotation marks. The titles of the albums are italicized. Give the name of the recording company, then the year it was released. If you can’t get information like the record label or album title from your source, don’t include it.

How do you cite measure numbers?

If you often mention measurements in your work, use the Merriam-Webster abbreviation “mm” to identify them: For Figaro and Susanna’s private reunion (mm. 275-93) Mozart provides a softly rocking tune, while the Count’s public remorse and his wife’s exquisite forgiveness are arranged more grandly (mm. 420-30)

How do you cite a song title in an essay?

Album names are italicized in the same way as book, journal, and movie titles are. Song titles, like poetry titles, book chapter titles, and article titles, are typically surrounded by quote marks.

What does score mean music?

Score is the notation of a musical composition, whether in manuscript or printed form, and is named after the vertical scoring lines that link adjacent staves. A score might comprise a single part for a solo work or a large number of parts for an orchestral or group piece.

How do you cite a song in MLA 9?

Last, First MLA Song Citation Structure (for CD/MP3/MIDI/Cassette/Vinyl): “Track Name,” it says. First Name wrote, performed, and conducted the album Name. Last name, album edition (if applicable), publisher, year of release, and track number are all required fields.

How do you cite a Billboard chart in APA?

The reference should, in theory, go to the Billboard page for the song in question, through the artist’s discography / chart history page. It’s worth noting, too, that the Billboard archives are sometimes incomplete, especially for older and/or lesser-known performers.

How do you cite an anthology of a song?

Anthology of Songs Cite a song from an anthology/collection as if it were a chapter from a book. Hugo Wolf, Hugo Wolf, Hugo Wolf, Hugo Wolf, Hugo Wolf, Hug “Have fun.” 33-34 in Virginia Saya and Richard Walters’ The Lieder Anthology. Hal Leonard, Milwaukee, WI, 2003.

How do you cite a performance piece?

Author/Playwright is the format. Play’s title. Theater Company, Date of Production, Name of Theater, City, Directed by Director’s Name, performance by Major Performer’s Name, Theater Company, Date of Production, Name of Theater, City (if not in the theater name). Jessica Swale, for example.

How do you reference a performance?

Author, AA year of performance, Title. Format: Author, AA year of performance, Title. Location of the theatre where the performance took place, Company is the name of the theater. Theatrical performance.

How do you cite a musical script?

Last name of the author, first name of the author Play the game title. Year, Publisher

How do you cite a song on NoodleTools?

Scroll to Audio/Visual Material in NoodleTools, then pick the sort of media you’re quoting. If you’re using the Internet for free, you may provide the URL so you can easily connect back to your source. If your video or audio clip originated from the free Internet, go return to how to mention a website.

Are musical compositions italicized APA?

Maintain a standard font for song titles while italicizing the album title. Include whether the podcast was an audio or video podcast in brackets after the title. Consider the following example: [Audio podcast].

How do I cite a song from YouTube in APA?

The APA 7th edition criteria are followed in this article. . What is the proper way to mention a YouTube channel? Format Initials and last name [Name of the channel]. (n.d.). [YouTube channel] Home. YouTube. Month, Day, and Year were retrieved from URLIn-text citation (University of Oxford, n.d.) 1 more row to go

How do you reference a music score in MHRA?

by Editor First Name, Last Name (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication), Reference Page Number Surname, First Name, ‘Title of Article,’ Journal Title (in italics), Volume/Issue (Year of Publication), and pages. of whole article.

How do you cite music from YouTube?

Firstname, Lastname The title of the song is “Title of Song.” The Album’s Title Year of Release, Record Label URL (web address) (optional).

What is a music quotation?

The technique of directly referencing another work in a new creation is known as musical quotation. The citation might be from the same composer’s work (self-referential) or from another composer’s work (non-self-referential) (appropriation).


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