How to Get Music Disc 11?

Similarly, Can you get music disc 11 in survival?

In survival, the music disc « 11 » is now available. Creepers drop it the same way they drop other discs.

Also, it is asked, Can creepers drop disc 11?

So Creepers are releasing Music Disk 11 right now.

Secondly, What is the scariest disc in Minecraft?

Eleven is one of Minecraft’s most terrifying music CDs. It starts with the sounds of someone behind a runner or someone breaking blocks with heavy breathing. After a brief pause, the footfall get quicker and louder, with coughing sounds in the background.

Also, How many Pigsteps are in a Minecraft world?

Pigstep can only be discovered in chests in the Nether’s Bastion ruins. However, if you want to gather all thirteen, you’ll have to take a riskier method.

People also ask, Can Pigstep drop from creepers?

Pigstep is classified as a “non-renewable resource.” It’s only discovered in Bastion ruins, and jukeboxes don’t return it once you’ve played it. Other discs may be discovered in buildings as well, although jukeboxes return them and Creepers drop them when slain by a Skeleton.

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How do I get Lena Raine Otherside?

In Survival Mode, how to receive a Music Disc (Lena Raine – otherside) Look for a stronghold or a dungeon. First, let’s see where this music disc may be found. Look for a chest. In this case, we discovered a chest inside a fortress. Unlock the chest. You must open a chest to discover what is inside when you locate one.

Is Pigstep the rarest item in Minecraft?

Pigstep has the lowest likelihood of being discovered among the game’s 13 various music CDs. This disk may only be obtained by scavenging bastion remnants in the underworld.

Is the Otherside rare?

Otherside may be discovered with a 3.1 percent spawn rate in Dungeons (monster spawners) and a 2.5 percent probability in the Stronghold’s altar chest. Both of those buildings are difficult to come across, and the odds of finding them are little to none, so those who do will consider themselves fortunate.

Who wrote Pigstep?

Raine, Lena

Is pigstep the best disc?

Pigstep is Minecraft’s finest music CD.

How long is pigstep in Minecraft?

Most of the Music Discs in Minecraft are between 30 and 60 seconds long. Pigstep, on the other hand, is the only one that exceeds the 2-minute mark, making it worthwhile to seek it out.

How rare is the other side disc in Minecraft?

This disc may be found in Stronghold Altar Chests and Dungeon Chests as extremely uncommon treasure. According to the official Minecraft Wiki, a Stronghold Altar Chest has a 2.5 percent chance of containing the music disc. There is a 3.1 percent probability that Dungeon Chests may spawn.

When was Otherside added to Minecraft?

In Minecraft version 1.18, a new tune by Lena Raine was introduced as a music disc item. ‘Otherside’ is a catchy tune that’s perfect for blasting from a jukebox while players go about their business.

Can you craft music discs in Minecraft?

A music disc (C418 – blocks) is an item that cannot be made using a crafting table or furnace in Minecraft. Instead, you must locate and collect this item inside the game. This sort of music CD is most typically found within a dungeon chest. TIP: If a creeper is killed by a skeleton, it will drop a music disc.

What happens if a skeleton kills a creeper?

A music disc will be dropped if a skeleton kills a creeper with an arrow. If you want to rapidly kill a creeper, your best strategy is to attack them with as many critical hits as possible.

Is entity 303 stronger than Herobrine?

Other than talent, he has no special abilities. Given this, Herobrine would utilize Null to eliminate Dreadlord, and then Entity 303, since Null and Entity 303 are equally matched. Herobrine deletes Null from the servers after this conflict and begins to ruin Minecraft.

What is Green Steve?

Green Steve is a creepypasta created in Minecraft. A gamer claims to have encountered a beast (green Steve) that attempted to murder him in a desert temple. If this tale is accurate, every Minecraft creepypasta like Herobrine may be true.

How old is Lena Raine?

38 years old (Febru.) Age: Lena Raine

What is the 2nd rarest thing in Minecraft?

The Modified Badlands Plateau Biome is the game’s second most uncommon biome.

Is Pigstep common?

The Pigstep Music Disc is the only one that cannot be dropped, and it is also the most uncommon, with just a 5.6 percent chance of spawning in a Bastion Remnant chest in Java Edition and a 3% chance in Bedrock.

What’s the rarest item in the world?

The rainbow eucalyptus, Eucalyptus deglupta, is the only Eucalyptus species that grows natively in New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, Sulawesi, and Mindanao. The inner greener bark is exposed when the outer bark is lost yearly, maturing into purple, orange, and maroon.

Where is the other side Minecraft?

Otherside is a unique music disc in Survival since it cannot be gained in the same method as the other discs. This disc may be found in Stronghold Altar Chests and Dungeon Chests as extremely uncommon treasure.

Where was Lena Raine born?

WALena Raine was born in Seattle, Washington.

Is C418 still working on Minecraft?

Rosenfeld hinted at a possible third album for Minecraft’s music in the same year, saying, “I’ll continue work on Minecraft, so there’ll definitely be another album.” Rosenfeld confirmed the album’s release in 2017, saying it was “still far from done.”


In the popular game “Minecraft”, music discs are a collectible item that can be obtained by mining clay. This is how to get music discs in minecraft.

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