How to Get Music Discs in Minecraft?

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The music CDs are much harder to come by in the Java Edition of Minecraft than in the desktop version. You may find the music CDs Cat or 13 in a dungeon or a wooded home with a 21.8% chance. pigstep in a bastion remains, the newest music CD, may be yours with a 5.6 percent probability.

Similarly, What is the easiest way to farm music discs in Minecraft?

See Far Lands in Bedrock Edition or Java Edition Beta for more information on this phenomena. This page is for all things relating to the number 13. Versions 1.3 and 1.13 may be found here. Experience the world of Minecraft up close and personal. Color of rarity 5 rare renewable alternatives In the words of the porcupine: The rest of us: Yes StackableNo

Also, it is asked, What are the chances of getting a music disc in Minecraft?

No, but you may raise livestock for them. When a skeleton kills a creeper with a shotgun, a disk is dropped. Thursday, June 4th, 2019

Secondly, Is music disc rare in Minecraft?

A Skeleton may kill a creeper to get Pigstep, although this item can only be obtained in treasure chests. While other music discs may be discovered in chests of other constructions, the Pigstep music disc only spawns in the Bastion Remnant chests. In 2021, on July 6,

Also, Can you get music discs from fishing?

Pigstep music discs can only be found by looting crates inside bastion remains. A pigstep music CD may be found in a generic bastion chest with a 5% probability of occurrence. Pigstep music discs may be hard to come by at these cheap prices, so gamers may have to go on a search for them

People also ask, How do you get a Pigstep?

In Java Edition, the Pigstep Music Disc has a 5.6 percent chance of spawning in a Bastion Remnant chest, but in Bedrock, the likelihood is only 3 percent. In both the Dungeon and Woodland Mansion versions of Minecraft, the Cat and the 13 Music Disc have a possibility of appearing in chests. 2020 November 9th

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How do you make a Pigstep in Minecraft?

Minecraft does not allow you to build a music disc (Lena RainePigstep) using a crafting table or furnace. Rather, you’ll have to go out and discover and get this item in the game itself. In a Bastion Remnant, you’re most likely to discover this sort of music CD in a chest.

What is the rarest music disc in Minecraft?

‘Pigstep’ by Celeste composer Lena Raine was introduced to the sandbox game’s soundtrack catalog with the Nether update that debuted in June this year.

How do you get the Pigstep music disc?

Non-renewable resources” are things like pigstep. A jukebox won’t return it to you after playing it, and Bastion remains are the only places you can find it. However, jukeboxes return it, and Creepers drop it when they’re slain by Skeletons

Who made Pigstep?

In Survival Mode, how can you receive a Music Disc (C418-11)? A Dungeon is where you’ll find one. The first step is to locate a subterranean dungeon. Locate a Chest. After finding a dungeon, search the dungeon for treasures. Open the Safe. Chests in the Dungeon must be opened to see what is within.

Can creepers drop Pigstep?

There are a total of 14 distinct Music Discs in the game. The color scheme in the center and a close inspection of the music disc in your collection will always tell you apart.

How do you get disc 11 in survival?

A chest containing pigstep can only be discovered in Bastion remains in the Netherworld. However, if you’re serious about collecting all 13, you’ll have to resort to more drastic measures.

How many discs is Minecraft 2022?

You can find the Pigstep Music Disc in one of these chests, but you’ll need some luck. When it comes to locating this particular music step in one of these chests, there is now a 3% probability of finding it. The 9th of May in the year 2021

How many Pigsteps are in a Minecraft world?

In order to locatePigstep” in a bastion chest, you must be really fortunate. Bastion chests in the Bedrock version have just a 3% chance of containing one, making them very uncommon.

How do I get Lena Raine Otherside?

The Dragon’s Egg is the most elusive object in Minecraft since it appears just once in every world. The Dragon Egg appears above the exit portal when the player defeats the Ender dragon for the first time. Players can’t mine it with a pickaxe since it’s too dangerous.

What is the chance of finding Pigstep?

Otherside may be discovered in Dungeons (where monsters spawn) at a spawn rate of 3.1% and in the altar chest of the Stronghold at a probability of 2.5%. The odds of finding either of these constructions are quite minimal, therefore anyone who do locate them should consider themselves extremely fortunate.

Can you find Pigstep in bedrock?

In Minecraft, these are the 13 rarest items (& How To Get Them) 1 Golden Enchanted Apple. As before, these enhancements to Golden Apples have the same purpose but with improved results. 2 eggs of a dragon-type. There are three distinct banner designs to choose from. 4 CDs of music. There are five Golden Apples here. Six magical weapons and armor. 7 Lights. The 8 End Crystal

What is the rarest item in Minecraft?

In order to locatePigstep” in a bastion chest, you must be really fortunate. Bastion chests in the Bedrock version have just a 3% chance of containing one, making them very uncommon.

Is the Otherside rare?

It is up to the artist to determine how to license their work to the general public once it has been copyrighted by default. Everything is subject to copyright law. Once you’ve created anything, whether it’s art, music, photography, etc., you’re done.

What is the second rarest item in Minecraft?

From creepers, what kinds of music CDs may users obtain? Twelve of the game’s thirteen music CDs are now available as creeper drops. Pigstep is the only music disc that can’t be found by creepers

How rare is Lena Raine Pigstep in Minecraft?

A music disc (C418 – 13) is an in-game object that cannot be crafted using a table or furnace in the game of Minecraft. Rather, you’ll have to go out and discover and get this item in the game yourself. The most typical place to locate this sort of music CD is in a dungeon’s chest. If a skeleton kills a creeper, it will drop a music disc.

Why does Pigstep get copyrighted?

Minecraft 1.18 includes a music CD with a new song by Lena Raine. If you want to get your players moving, you may play ‘Otherside’ in the background as they do their work. 1st of December, 2021

Where was Lena Raine born?

A new Lena Raine album named ‘Otherside’ has been added to the site. Stronghold corridor chests and dungeon chests may sometimes contain this item.” In Minecraft’s 21w42a snapshot, there are 10 new music tracks, one of which is a music disc.

How old is Lena Raine?

Otherside is a unique music disc in Survival since it isn’t gained in the same method as the other discs. This disc may be found in Stronghold Altar Chests and Dungeon Chests as very uncommon treasure.

Can you get all discs from creepers?

The Bedrock and Java platforms each include 13 discs as of Minecraft version 1.16. (not including those added through mods). A Jukebox can play the unique track on any Music Disc. 2022 January 3rd

How do you get disc 13 in Minecraft?

It’s one of Minecraft’s most sought-after armors. It can only be obtained as a treasure item in Minecraft and cannot be made in the game at all. Players won’t see much of an increase in defense with this item. It’s hard to beat the protection provided by a set of diamond armor in Minecraft.

When was Otherside added to Minecraft?

Usage. Conduits, which are underwater beacons that provide players buffs, are the only use for the Heart of the Sea at this point.


The “how to get music discs in minecraft bedrock” is a question that many people have been looking for an answer to. There are multiple ways of getting music discs in Minecraft, but the most common way is by using the command /give @p minecraft:music_disc 1.

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In Minecraft, music discs can be obtained by crafting them. Music discs are used to play songs in the game. They are crafted by putting a record on a crafting table and then using it with an iron ingot. Reference: how many music discs are in minecraft.

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